Amanda H.

Brooklyn, NY

Joined August 2020

Great state park- highly recommend!

We stayed at this campground for 2 nights in late October 2020 while visiting Saguaro National Park.  We highly recommend this state park-- it was one of the best campsites we've experienced at a state park!


-Sites are large and have space between them.  Our site (B45) had a good amount of space between us and our neighbors.

-Plenty of room on the site for our 1 tent, but you could have had several

-Sites have power and water in addition to a picnic table and grill

-Mountain views from the campsite!

-Tress and shrubs around the site provided shade-- even a place to hang our hammock!

-Shower house is modern/updated and was always clean

-Nice touches such as a bulletin board with announcements by the shower hours, a "little free library" with books, and a dishwashing station by the shower house


-Honestly none really.  There was a sign that the campground can flood in rains.

Highly, highly recommend this campground!

Nice RV park, not ideal for tents

We stayed here for 4 nights in October 2020 while tent camping.  We selected this location because we were working from the road while also exploring National Parks and this met our criteria.


-Less than a 30 minute drive to Zion National Park from here

-Great WiFi from the campground and cell service (T-Mobile)- totally possible to work remotely from here

-Nice amenities including a "social hall"- basically a large living room with some couches and tables.  We worked from here and felt safe even during COVID because there was literally never anyone else in here.  

-Pool if you're interested in that.  We didn't use it, but it wasn't that crowded.

-Store is very well stocked.  Basically a small grocery story and gifty type items.  Prices are not that ridiculous.

-Picnic pavilion/camp kitchen with dishwashing sinks and covered picnic tables

-Bathrooms were updated and had hot showers (though showers have a 7 minute limit)

-Staff was friendly and helpful

-Bathhouse also has laundry (coin operated)


-The 4 tent sites are right next to each other basically in a gravel parking lot.  This place is really an nice RV park that then seemed to add in the tent area.  If you don't want to be right next to your neighbors, you will not like this.  That being said, we felt like we were able to be far enough away during COVID.

-There is no shade at the tent sites.  The RV sites each seemed to have a tree, but none in the tent area.  It would be pretty miserable to site out here during the day.  We used the picnic pavilion and the social hall, so were ok.

-Less COVID precautions than I've seen at other campground- e.g. the only sanitizer was outside the store/office- none in the bathhouse, laundry areas, social hall, etc.- high touch places.  They did have bottles of cleaning spray out, but no place had paper towels, so that felt pointless honestly.

Overall, if you're looking for amenities, including WiFi, are RV camping, want a good location to Zion, this is a great place and I recommend it.  If you're looking for a really great tent site, you won't find it here.

Nice state park for camping

We stayed at this campground for 3 nights in mid-October and recommend this state park for camping in the Sedona area.


-all sites in the Blackhawk Loop where we stayed had a level pad for tents (either small gravel or a wood platform), picnic table, and fire pit (though they could not be used due to a fire ban

-can easily fit 2 smaller tents on the tent pad or 1 jumbo family tent

-good amount of shrubbery in between sites so it didn't feel like you were right on top of your neighbors

-driveways have space for 2 cars if needed

-shower house was fairly clean and had hot showers

-dishwashing sink behind the shower house was a nice perk

-usable cell phone service (T-mobile)

-no tent sites with power if you need that.  We filled up an air mattress using the outlet in the bathroom which worked fine.


-sites really vary in terms of how far back from the road they are.  Our site (122 in the Blackhawk loop) was a bit back from the road and had plenty of shrubbery, but some don't have as much privacy

-not a ton of water fill up stations, but our loop was pretty small, so it was fine

-you have to pay $15 per night for a 2nd car, which was a little steep, but given the campground is reasonably priced, this was fine

Great RV park with camping right outside of downtown Moab

I tent camped at this campground/RV park for 6 nights in early October 2020 and highly recommend this.  If you are looking for a secluded campsite in nature, this is not it.   However, I was looking for a location very close to the heart of Moab which great WiFi and cell service where I could work remotely and a nice camping set up.  This campground/RV park hit all those requirements and I highly recommend it.  The majority of the sites are RV sites here, but also several tent sites, both with and without power.  I booked a tent site with power so be able to work from the road and plug in chargers, etc.  The tent site power has 2 standard household plugs and was right next to the picnic table which was convenient.  I stayed in site G which had a fire pit, covered picnic table, and plenty of space for 2 tents.  All sites have picnic tables and fire pits, but not all are covered.  I worked from here for several days and the WiFi was awesome and my T-Mobile service had 3 bars.  I was able to participate in Zoom calls with no issue.  Bathrooms are extremely clean and there is a small room with a sink for washing dishes which is nice.  The office has a small store with camping essentials, firewood, and ice.  The staff is extremely helpful and friendly-- when I called with questions before booking, they talked me through everything in detail.  Aside from being in more of an RV park setting, there is a little bit of space between sites at least for an RV park style campground and the back of the property is against stunning red rock- which is probably why you came to Moab.  Less than a 5 minute drive to restaurants, shops, supermarkets in downtown Moab, short drive to Arches NP, also convenient to Canyonlands NP.  Highly recommend Moab Rim!

Solid campground

Stayed at this campground for 3 nights while visiting Des Moines.  We stayed in Loop 1- site 138 because we wanted electrical.  The electrical box has 2 standard household plugs which is nice.  This loop was mostly RVs due to the electrical hook ups.  There aren't really trees between the sites, but it is in a wooded area which is nice and there is some space between the sites so you don't feel like you are right on top of the other people.  Generally, people were pretty quiet, especially once it got dark.  Each site as a gravel drive and then open gravel area with a picnic table and fire pit with grill grate.  Plenty of room for camp chairs and other furniture you may want to set up.  There is a grassy area all around the gravel with plenty of room for multiple tents.  2 bath/shower houses within a short walk from the site- they were both clean and solid to use.  There are some short trails within the park which are generally well marked, but just 1 trail is longer than about 1/2 a mile.  Didn't check it out, but there is also a large lake.  Lots of picnic areas throughout the park.  There's also a volleyball court and free lending library near one of the bathhouses.  Overall, I'd recommend this campground as long as you don't mind seeing your neighbors.  Quick drive into Des Moines too.