Amanda B.


Redmond, OR

Joined June 2018

Lots of trails, lots of bees!

Came to check it out since we were camped nearby. There’s a vault toilet, some fire pits where obviously you can camp and looks like lots of snow mobile trails. There is also a pond of water too. I bet this place would be great in the winter. Watch out for the bees, they were thick!

One of my faves!!!

Walton lake is just gorgeous. The only thing I don’t like is that some of their sites, you can’t actually park at the site, cause they’re on a hill. BUT it’s the perfect place to recharge. It was really calm and smokey when we stayed. It’s $15 a night or $60-$100 for a group site depending on the days. There are walking trails and you can even take the big loop, their are actual trailheads near by as well. We saw some deer, one of those baby deer in my pictures was running and fell and slid, it was crazy. Then ran to mama to nurse LOL. Weird thing was we spotted moo cows in the park. There is a $5 day use fee and it’s well worth is, BBQ pits and picnic tables all over. Go fishing. They also have a handicap area. Lots of toilets. I just love this place.

First to Review
Hidden gem!

This was our first time staying here, but definitely not the last. I’m totally impressed with this place, it’s beautiful and was really quiet when we were here. It’s $15 a night, they offer firewood, $5 day use fee if you wanna hike the two pillars trail. There are 17 good sized campsites, drinking water and 4 vault toilets. I wish I had known about this place sooner.

Beautiful area

This a a beautiful area. There are some fire pits here, so I assume you can camp here. Has a nice area to turn around a big truck. Looks like people have been cutting firewood here. There some litter and obvious signs of people. We walked up the hill and enjoyed the birds and saw some lizards. Very peaceful spot.

Absolutely beautiful, but killer skeeters!!!

Such a beautiful campground, next to Haystack reservoir out among the junipers and sage brush. Lots of really nice campsites on a hillside. They have firewood for sale here. The mosquitos are absolutely awful. There were 4 really decent pit toilets.

Close to town and Smith Rock

I love this campground and it’s never super busy. It’s out among farm land and a bunch of hiking trails. There are 3 pit toilets and also 3 porta potties. The sites are all nice sized with picnic table and fire pit. Lots of trees and sage brush around. Can’t wait to go back.

Loved it!

My first time here and I loved it. Within 5 minutes of arriving we had a deer walking through our camp site. It was super hot but had lots of shade. I had to bring Clorox wipes to clean the toilet seat. The flies were insane, they were in the bathrooms and all over our food. Night time was super peaceful, except for the coyotes. The first night they yipped and howled all night, second night just once. I enjoyed it and will definitely stay here again. The lake had a lot of gunk growing in it, so I didn’t want to go in, but I should have brought the kayaks.

Could use some work

LaPine is a great park. We hiked around some of the trails, checked out the big tree, splashed around in the river, but it was so hot and dry. Lots of yellow jackets and the roads are really rough. Like way too hard to ride scooters or bikes. Heard coyotes howling early one morning. It was really nice.

Absolutely gorgeous, beware of skunks!

Silver falls is one of my most favorite parks to explore. Of course the trail of ten falls is amazing, but the smaller trails around the campground are great too. We played in the creek, picked salmon berries and huckleberries. They have great bathrooms, but the showers weren’t open this time due to COVID and neither was programs. There was a skunk in camp the 2 nights we were there. Thankfully no spraying, but it was kind of sketchy LOL. Gorgeous park as always.

Hidden gem with super clean bathrooms

We went out in a Friday and were hoping we would be able to snag a spot, which we did. It was gorgeous! My boyfriend had been there a lot, but this was my first time. We fished and walked around the lake, wished we had brought the kayaks. It was an amazing trip. The yellow jackets and gnats were overwhelming.