Althea Diane H.

The Dyrt Pro

Nyack, NY

Joined July 2018

Beautiful day

Beautiful day enjoying the day with my sweetheart picnic and kayaking and fishing enjoying the breeze off the water watching everybody else fishing off the bay and in their kayaks watching the Jetske’s and the fishing boats go by

Relaxing Weekend Floyd Bennett Field

With everything going on it’s good to beable to get away for the weekend to camping under the stars to fishing and kayaking Just enjoying the time to ourselves we all need a break every now and then just regroup and this is no better way

Beautiful Area Enough room for fishing and kayaking

Enough room for fishing and kayakingWe were at Floyd Bennett Field for the fishing expo it was there for three days weekend in May 2018 The main sponsor they put the fishing expo there was retiring we were hoping that someone else would take his place and we would continue to have the fishing contest archery contest and kayaking fishing along with The activity for the children it was a full family affair with everyone with their tent set up the grills everybody checking out each other‘s campsite we were just one big happy family everyone came from everywhere Brooklyn upstate Nyack,Philadelphia ,New Jersey got to meet new friends kept in contact with a few of them and we still come back to fishing and kayaking

Total Enjoyment 50 Years & Still Coming

Everyone come here from newbie camper along side senior campers We been camping for too many years with our children & grandchildrens & now as seniors we still enjoy camping with a few new tricks We’ve an electric air mattress which we hook up to a converter and a separate battery to sleep comfortable on a queen size bed along with nightstand & lamp with timer,we put down rubber tiles for a smooth floor to stand & walk across We’ve our own toilet & sink inside We’ve solar lights around the platform around the table setting and around our tent at night We’ve our chairs & table set up in the back of the tent Incase it rain We’ve hot and cold running water at our sink along with our Coleman stove and portable oven on top our compact kitchen cabinets with our pots and pans utensils cups plates and all the comforts of home we first started out camping with sleeping bag & tent on the ground we was younger than now older & wiser & we give advice to everyone that comes over to see our campsite We’re thinking about a small portable Jacuzzi not sure if were allowed to have one yet but we’ve everything else 🤗

Total enjoyment always coming back

Total enjoyment always coming back been coming here over 20 years every July with the kids when they were younger now they are adults and we bring them and grandchildren and Me & my sweetheart still come up and spend four days alone in August we always get a platform we set up our tent we meet returning campers and assist new camper They always ask us about our tent how we set up everything

Enjoyed my time there

Spent two summers there when they had the fishing and kayaking tournament met new friends and old ones I do hope they come back to Brooklyn Great place to RV and Camp out