Surprise find in Iowa!

I stayed here on a long road trip across the country. Had no idea such a scenic place could be found in Iowa! I chose the closest walk-in spot, less than a mile in. It was great! Near a little creek if you need water, and really nicely secluded. Picnic table and fire ring included. Also, there’s a trail up a hill right near by that had great views of the area and a lovely sunset! I would definitely recommend. Just a head’s up: I saw some pics of people car camping here on this site. Not sure how that would work since it’s supposed to be walk-in only and pretty clearly roped off from access with a car.

Great Dispersed Camping!

There were several little “driveways” off of the main road that would serve as great sites for one group, but you have to get there early. By the time it’s late afternoon, you’ll end up having to go with the main large area, which is basically just a couple minutes after the turn for Hole in the Rock Road. But it was great! There were lots of people, but plenty of room to feel like you had your own spot and privacy. Everyone was very respectful with their noise levels. One thing, it’s mostly sand, so if you’re in a tent you’re going to need to stake down your tent well so it doesn’t blow away! Overall, a great free spot and definitely a place I’ll visit again (so much more to explore off of that awesome road!).