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Camper with two small kids, from northern CA, living in DC

Beautiful Campground & State Park

We were only staying here one night (unfortunately) on a cross country camping road trip with two young kids (2 & 4.) we stayed in loop A which was all tents when we were there, I didn’t see any hook ups. There were some hike in trails off of this loop. This loop has around 24 sites and we stayed in site 22, which was right across from the restrooms/showers. This was fine for us bc we have two small kids and like to be close to restrooms/showers but if you’re looking for privacy this spot might not be for you, we had some people walking through our site to get to the restrooms. But all sites were large enough I wouldn’t be too worried.

Cons: there was a coke vending machine by the camp board (out in the open) that was lit up and an annoyance when trying to star gaze at night, distracted from the nature. The water spigots were dripping out of the sides and slightly annoying to use if you were trying to fill up a container.

Pros: gorgeous surroundings, rangers were friendly, large sites, all seemed flat, clean bathrooms and showers, trash and recycling at frequent intervals around the loops, all clean, water, nice camp store with basic necessities like soap and light snacks, playground for kids back by the camp store (we didn’t test it out tho) and did I mention the beautiful surroundings?

Fine For What It Is

We stayed here for one night in a cross country camping road trip. There seem to be two places to camp- one is on a small loop on the left after you enter the property and the other is if you continue straight instead of turning left there are spots by the lake. When we were there there were signs saying “for day use only” by the lake so we stayed in the first loop to the left. This loop had around 6 camping sites and one group site. (By the lake has around 6 sites dispersed.) This review is based off of staying in the first loop. Both had vault toilets and a dumpster. I did not see any water. There was no view of the lake from the first loop but there were stairs up to the top which was a nice view. Agree with a previous reviewer that they should change the name on the plaque. When we were there we were the only campers in either area.

Pros: isolated, free, there are trees surrounding the small loop that keep you protected.

Cons: you can hear trucks going by on the main road, the vault toilets were super ripe, almost all sites were on an incline, there were flies (although not an excessive amount), if it was busy there wouldn’t be much privacy between sites (the area is surrounded by trees and a hill but there were many trees between sites), there was a small amount of trash from previous campers.

Fine for staying one night.

Beautiful State Park Campground

One of the most striking campsites I’ve ever been to. We were at site 135 which isn’t on a loop but rather off the main road but that wasn’t a drawback. It was a short walk on a path to the flush toilets and showers from our spot too which was a plus. Water there too. We were tent camping with two young kids (2 and 4) and this was a great spot for that. The pull in wasn’t very long FYI. Rangers were nice, sold ice and other items at the camp store. Only drawback was the signs to find your loop/site were a bit confusing but it could be because we’d never been there before. 😜

Beautiful Joshua Tree Campground

We stayed at campsite 50 in October with two young kids (2 and 4). Tent camping.

Pros: the views, the beautiful rocks, clean sites, friendly ranger, rocks that could give you some relief from sun if you’re lucky enough. Great area for bouldering from entry level up. Site 50 had low rocks that were doable for my 2 and 4 yo. The rest were way too advanced.

Cons: no park entrance from here. You have to drive 20/30 minutes out to the main road and back in to get to the main area of the park. The campsite next to us had some nasty anthills. Some of the campsites are set up a bit odd depending on your equipment, could or could not be a big deal. For example we were sharing a parking space with campsite 51 and their site was walking in behind ours. So if they had had an RV I think it would have been impossible. Site 50 was right across from the vault toilet which was great for proximity (and toilet was clean as far as these go) but every once in a while we’d get a whiff of out house which is not pleasant. Wasn’t too frequent so not a big deal but if you want to avoid stay further away from toilets.

Get water at the entrance gate to the cove. That’s the only water hook up near by. Picnic tables and fire ring in each site. Vault toilets. No showers. No Joshua trees here but tons of Mojave yuccas and other desert plants. Beautiful views and sleeping under dessert sky and stars.

Great Proximity to Beach, No Shade or Privacy

This is the North Beach Campground at Pismo State Beach. We stayed in October and it was 90 during the day and around 60 at night. We were tent camping and while better than the neighboring RV park, there were still more RVs than tents- I’d say 80%/20% RVs to tents. That being said our campsite was large with a picnic table, fire ring and water hook up. There were restrooms at central locations throughout the park. Showers are $.50 for two minutes, accepts dollar bills only. We were at site 48 and it was a very large site, could fit 3-5 tents easily and runs along a center large grassy area. The big draw back with the campground is there is very little to no shade and no privacy. The best sites in my opinion were sites 7-25 ish that run along the side of the park closest to the beach path. Those spots had easy beach access, a bit more privacy as you don’t have campers along your backside, and afternoon shade from a row of trees. The rest of the sites are all in a grass field. Some have trees and some don’t, it’s kind of a crap shoot. It’s a short 5 minute walk to the beach from anywhere so that’s a huge plus, the park rangers were all very nice while we were there and there’s a Monarch butterfly sanctuary within walking distance (they weren’t there when I stayed in the park). Bathrooms were clean for a state park, shower was sandy but it was getting high usage. Overall I’d return if I was in the area and didn’t care about privacy.

ETA: I forgot to mention the sand flies, mostly in the evenings, were fierce and left huge itchy welts on me (less so on my husband) so I highly recommend bringing bug spray.

Nice BLM Camp Spot in Sparse Area

This is a BLM camping spot. The entrance to the recreation area marks the beginning of a gravel road which leads back about 2 miles. The road was fine for us to drive on in our 2WD. We counted 10 campsites with around 3 vault toilets, no showers along the 2 mile stretch. Camp sites are free. We saw two dumpsters and no water. We got in around 2pm on a Friday and it was pretty full. We snagged the last campsite, site 10, before the road turns into a more treacherous dirt road which marks the end of the camping area, and atvs were driving down this section along with hikers. Campsite 10 was large- could probably fit 3-4 tents- with a table. Next to a stream and in a field of aspens. Was beautiful. However, most of the spots to pitch were a bit slanted- nothing crazy but not flat. It was windy so we guyed our tent. One drawback was that we were right next to the entrance to hiking/atv area so got a fair amount of traffic coming through. We heard atvs coming through up until midnight. By the evening, folks who didn’t get a spot were starting to camp anywhere they could, on the hills, random spots along the side of the road, etc. Overall a nice spot for BLM camping with minimal amenities that gets busy on weekends.

Beautiful basic camping in Furs and Pines

Beautiful campground set high up in the Caribou National Forest. The campground is around 13 miles up a mountain from Pocatello- it took us roughly 30 minutes driving up curvy mountain roads to get up to the top. Be advised, our gps tried to route us off a dirt road half way up, but you just stay on the paved road all the way up. We got site 20, I’m not sure which loop, as the loops were kind of hard to determine. It was next to bathrooms and across from water and a group campsite which looked like it’d be awesome if you were in a group (site 19.) Beautiful in the pines and furs. You can’t see from the road but many of the tent pads are behind the tables and fire rings. The tent pads aren’t huge- Our tent pad wasn’t big enough for our 6 person REI tent so we pitched right behind our car on the parking pad, which was considerably larger. We were only staying for one night on a Thursday and it was very quiet with only a handful of other campers, but I saw reserve tags on most camp sites in our loop for the weekend. No showers, vault toilets. Drinking water. We tent camp so I didn’t see if there were any electric sites, ours was not. We saw cows, moose, birds and deer on the mountain. Wish we could have stayed an extra night to hike around the area.

Nice Small Campsite Close to DC

Nice small campsite in MD not too far from DC. One negative was that when it rains it really flushes through the grounds. We had a site on the lower end of the loop and our site was hard to set up as we arrived during a storm and it was very wet even after the rain died down. Another negative was after the storm for the next few days we heard trees falling nearby. Where we were hiking. 😬 The positives are as others have pointed out there is a huge park for kids- it’s not within walking distance for little kids but it’s a very short drive by the entrance to the park. There’s also another small park on the loop. The restrooms were central and well maintained. We found a small river and swimming hole at the bottom of the hill off to the side opposite the cabins/park. All sites had a picnic table and fire ring. Firewood available from camp host. Hiking poles would have been good for the trails when we had a kid in a pack on our back. Overall a nice close small campground.

Pretty and isolated camping outside of Medora and TRNP.

Pros: Beautiful grounds Isolated Some camp sites are real gems A variety of sites depending on what you want- camp on the hill in grassland if you want to watch sunset/sunrise- or get one of the camp sites that are nestled behind trees for more seclusion. There are toilets, one shower and a dumpster Hot water in the shower. We got site 22 on the second loop and loved the seclusion, the amount of space (enough space to set up two tents) and a short walk to the restrooms which were great since we were camping with kids. Highly recommend this site if you want a secluded spot. Short drive to Medora and TRNP

Cons: One shower on only one loop, if you’re on the other loop you’ll need to walk to the shower. But hey, at least they have a shower. Bathrooms were a bit messy when we were there (there was no camp host) but that’s due to fellow campers Highway noise was audible. Some sites are closer to the highway than others No cell service at all. You’d need to drive up to the top of the hill by the freeway entrance to get service. This could be a pro depending on what you want, but not within walking distance to Medora like the Medora camp grounds advertise.

Beautiful Grounds, Campsites a Bit Close

We stayed here with two young kids tent camping. We stayed in site A20 due to the close proximity to the bathrooms. The grounds were very well kept and groomed. The sites were pretty close together with no trees in between, but only around 25% of sites were occupied when we were there so it wasn’t a problem. I would imagine it would be very cozy and not much privacy when full, which could be the only potential drawback. There were a fair amount of RVs- we were one of only a few tents I saw. There were some nice looking cabins on our loop as well. It was a very short walk down a path to the beautiful lake which was deserted when we were there. The bathrooms looked new and were very well kept. There was even one family restroom with a shower which was so awesome for trying yo get two small kids cleaned up. Loved that. Overall this was a great campsite when not full and we had a great time.

Solid Campgrounds for One Night

We are a family if four with two young kids and stayed in camp site 35. It was nice for one night. We set the tent up on the side of the driveway instead the back (as it looked like it was supposed to go) as that area was muddy. It was a short walk to the lake from our campsite but the lake entrance there was super muddy with trash around. Nice for the kids to throw rocks into but that’s about it. We were on a long drive and were only passing through for one night and we were pleased with the campgrounds for this. Campsite 35 was close to the restrooms and which were clean and well kept (while the showers could use a bit of an update but hey, it’s camping) One thing to note, one whole side of our campsite had poison ivy. But it was a good size site. We walked around a few loops and some sites were very spacious and some were very small. A lot of RV’s and very few tent campers.