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This spot is incredible.

Free spot, right next to a gorgeous creek. It was totally empty in March - we didn’t see a single soul. Got a beautiful campsite right on the creek. There’s lots of gorgeous spots on this stretch of road.

It’s a no from me.

This place was $30 just to enter and it was super duper packed. We turned around and found a great boondocking site nearby.

Nice, secluded, & quiet

This place is down a long dirt ride through private property so be kind and mind the hours. When you get to the end, take the right fork and you’ll find two, rather close together, camping areas. When nobody is here it’s wonderful - right next to a creek, dogs can run around, and it is so very quiet and secluded. If I’m ever in Wyoming I’ll head back to this little spot.

There’s also a boat ramp, and I imagine if you fish, the creek would be a nice little spot to fish.

Pack Your Bags

This campground is incredibly beautiful, private enough that you can find a secluded spot, close enough to a grocery store/travel stop to refill on supplies, and it’s about five minutes from the Salt Flats. Seriously 10/10 - get there now!