Alex V.


Joined July 2020

I still can’t read a compass.

Capable rig

The sites are plentiful large, but you’ll require a decent 4x4 vehicle to get you there. The further along the path you travel, the more rugged it becomes; so most people seemingly settled for the first few spots. Personally, site 5, 8, and 11 are best. Almost every site has a bear-proof box you can store food (or hide?) within, which is nice. Sites are also far enough apart to mitigate any privacy concerns, and albeit the current fire ban - come equipped with existing fire pits.

Don’t venture at night.

Unless you’ve ample off roading experience, outfitted your rig with an assortment of lights, and a decent lift kit, please don’t attempt to climb the mountain beyond a certain point at night. The trail has portions where the road has given out and requires extreme caution as to not tumble down the mountain.

Otherwise, there are plenty of huge camping spots prior to the coordinates listed on this specific site.

Camping, Swimming, Fishing, Off Roading, Shooting

Regardless of what you’re into, the Cove Campground has just about everything to get in touch with your inner Tarzan. That being said, especially since COVID-19, prices have hiked quite a bit. They’ve running water, power, and firewood if you’re able to show up early and pay a little extra. The entire premises is clean, and the owner(s) are extremely polite and laid back.