Alejandra R.

Joined August 2018

One for the books!

We lucked out with perfect weather! Drove in on my Mazda CX-5 got stuck more toward the far end while trying to scope out the whole area. I was able to easily dig out some sand and head back to the middle area. Parked the car about 120 feet from the water. Without issue. Unfortunately we were side by side with other campers but all friendly and no issues. Overnight camping permits cost $14 +. $30 entrance fee BUT if you have your national park annual pass entry is free:) 15 minutes from horseshoe bend and 1 hour from Zion. Gas up before heading to Zion when heading west the nearest gas station is 50 miles away! This beach is also doggie friendly

Great views

Many spots to choose from. The road was dry so I was able to get to a spot in the far back closer to the outlook in a Mazda CX-5 front wheel drive without issue. Left my tent and camp while we set out to Zion during the day. Everything was safe and untouched when we got back. The designated spots are well spread out. Found this camp ground during a last minute drip to Zion. Awesome views!