Alex P.


Thousand Oaks , CA

Joined April 2020

Easy BLM paid site

Just off season, end of October, plenty of sites available on a Thursday late afternoon. A couple of pit toilets along the grounds, no water, dumpsters available. No camp host off season. Fire pits, tables, flat sites. No Verizon service. Close to hiking, the river and off roading. The highway can be loud most times of day, Jeeps, can-ams, trucks etc, Corona Arch is a great close hike. Not a secluded site, but nice trees and close to lots of activities. $20/night.

Lots of space

Plenty of open space and spots to choose from. Tons of access to mountain bike trails in the area as well. Fire bans were in place at the time through summer to Nov 1st. Make sure to only camp in designated spots, otherwise a busy place like this will be dust before you know it. Trash must be packed out, a few portable bathrooms throughout if you need it. Very close access to Arches and Moab, Dead Horse and Canyonlands not far either. A great free base camp.

Quiet, away from crowds

Much cooler temps up here. Surrounded by aspens, lots of deer and elk. The pit toilet was pretty clean and the tables were in good shape. Fire pits and bbqs at each site. Some sites have more car space than others, probably not good for large RVs or trailers.

Peaceful and removed

5 sites in a small loop. It’s very removed from the busy Moab areas, lovely views along the way. Site 2 was really nice and secluded and had some tree cover, you just had to walk down a short path to get to the site, but we liked how tucked in it was. The road in had a deep wash running along the side almost all the way down, we are able to just hug the right side in our van but anything wider might have had some trouble. We didn’t even bother checking out site 5 because of the road condition on that part. Probably would not be good for RVs or large trailers.

Beautiful area

Lovely area, access to the river. Beautiful rocks all around us. Super close access to the Corona arch hike. $20 per night, bathroom, and trash at the adjacent group site. Our site was not on the river side, but the sites on the river side had direct access and some tree/shrub cover. The back sites can get to the river at the boat launch at the group site and you won’t have to walk through anyone’s site.

Nice clean, amenities

Stayed here for a night after a long drive. We wanted to take showers and not have to search for a site. Hot showers, nice staff, dog park. Close to the highway and we backed right up to a motel 6 that was very busy all night. Dogs not allowed at tent sites, but luckily they made a last minute exception for us at the very end tent site.

Very busy, lots of hunters

Many, many trailers and RVs here, went on a Monday and it was packed, a lot of people cleared out on Tuesday morning. There were a lot of hunters, OHV vehicles (even at 6am) and a few gunshots went off very close by to us around 9am. We got a site a ways up the road, they are very large so it’s good for groups or multiple people pulling in together. It was very dusty at our site, likely due to heavy use, but it served us well for the night. Bumpy road, but many skilled trailer and rv drivers made it up/down!

Easy access and free!

Pretty area, flat spot not far off the main road. It’s the second right onto a dirt road, off the 191 south. Great for a night, lots of space in the pullout for two cars. Lots of cow poop as you’d usually see from a spot like this, but we never mind. Careful of some small hidden cacti scattered about. Further down the road was the reservoir, we didn’t go down but it looked pretty!

Incredible views

The views were the best part! And access to Teton Park and Jackson was very easy. The weather in September was all over the place, some light rain, a few fast moving storms, a day or two of wind, and a plenty of days of sunshine. We were lucky to find a spot on a Friday afternoon, but saw many others trying throughout our time there who had no luck. Two ways to get in, the one that passes Mormon row is the way to go, the other way is very rocky and had some washed out areas, so be aware of that. There are 3 loops that you can go through to look for spots, the first one has portable bathrooms that were very well kept!

Beautiful, quiet, secluded

Mid week during mid September and everything was pretty full, so we made the trek out of Tetons and up to this site. The sign at the road says trailhead, but if you keep making your way up, you’ll get to the sites. Bear boxes, rock fire ring, nice pit toilet, a frame to hang food, and horse camping too. Appears to be 4 established sites and a possible dispersed site near the horse area. It was very quiet and peaceful. There’s a map at the front showing all the trails that Box Creek connects to. Also, we saw dumpsters on the road in/out, not far from the turnoff.

River camping

Really nice, we didn’t get a riverside spot but it was still nice enough. Beautiful views and close to Yellowstone, which was a plus for us. We felt lucky to get a spot on a Saturday! Fees vary but are $18 at the highest. A bit of highway noise and a decent amount of traffic from day use parking.

Decent place, caverns are cool

We stayed here the night before our cavern tour. Camping included the out of state vehicle charge which was nice. It’s 28 for out of state cars, 14 for in state. There are also senior discounts. There were some specific regulations as far as what site you could pick and how many tents etc that you could put up. We don’t know how strict they are with it, but make sure your read the signs at the fee area. Sites are spread out but not private, our neighbors were seated looking straight at us, but we couldn’t blame them since there weren’t many good ways to sit without looking at someone. Good for RVs, maybe less so for tents and vans in our opinion. Bathrooms were clean though and everything seemed nicely maintained. Caverns were very cool, but were in limited groups and the tour was shortened because of covid. Still cool though, would have liked to stay when a full tour could have been done.

Nice and quiet by the river

Spacious campground, sites are not private but they are very well kept. We parked our van so that we could have a little privacy from the neighbors across the way. 2 of the sites have roofs over the tables. The tables are concrete, fire pits are well maintained, bathrooms are very clean! The boat launch is also very well kept and easily accessible. Some of the sites are reservable and so we found one with open dates, the next morning we were greeted with a man who was angry that we were in his spot. We didn’t know because the site said it was open. We figured it was because the camp host was off duty and didn’t write the new reservation, but just be aware. $15 per night but it was off season (?) and not required at the time.

Really beautiful area, very social time

This was great, right on the river, very rocky, beautiful water. Like everyone says the section of the road to get in was tough, but take it slow and if you’ve got decent clearance you should be ok. We’re in an e350 super duty, 2wd, regular road tires and we’re fine. We did see a few people getting stuck who tried to go left after the road in instead of right, so be aware. Front river spots got packed on a Sunday night and it was very social, some people were still fairly loud a few spots down up until 11pm, at communal campfires. Tons of vans, but everyone was super nice. Good Verizon service as well.

The lake is beautiful!

This little area is so beautiful, the reservoir water was so clear! There are a few sites here that are all in a row, decent privacy. The sites are long, but it might be tough to turn around or get into the site if you have a really big rig. There is a sign stating that it’s a dead end with no turn around, but there is an fairly open area at the end that you can use, but there is no loop to drive around, so be cautious of the length of the vehicle. It was a very full campground with long stays reserved at the end of summer.

Dispersed NF camping

All the established campgrounds were full which we expected on a Saturday afternoon, so we headed up this road. It goes for quite a ways and the map from the front said that it would have eventually lead up to a lake, but we didn’t make it that far. We ended up at one of the dispersed sites not far up the road, there wasn’t much space at a lot of the dispersed areas off the road but it was really quiet and did the job for the night. No Verizon cell service in the area. The reservoir is so beautiful, so it was worth the stay! Make sure you pack out your trash, we saw some overflowing fire rings that were terrible so please make sure to have an appropriate way to pack it out!

Nice and quiet

There was only one other camper so it was nice and quiet, it’s very close off the 2 highway so it’s really easy to get to. There are toilets that were ok at the time. Sites had some nice privacy with the trees, the horse camp sites at the back were a little more open but looked to be in really good condition. There were also a couple of hiking trails right at the site with signs. Really beautiful views near the back. Did not have Verizon service.


Pretty removed from everything, decent gravel road to get in, super quiet and lovely, the creek runs behind the left side of the loop. There are 4 developed sites and a few dispersed ones as well. 3 of the 4 sites had bear boxes, it was only site 2 that appeared to not have one. 2 toilets, one on each side of the loop. There are a couple roads that can be hiked/walked, but just be aware of private roads and properties. No cell service for Verizon. There was a bunch of cut wood already at a couple of the sites and some fallen trees in late August that were good for firewood.

Beautiful Lake

This lake is gorgeous and quiet, so lovely. There were only 2 developed sites with table, fire pit, flat tent area and level parking on the loop that are set just a few steps from the lake. There are toilets at the bottom of the loop as well. There were a few dispersed sites on the way in, which were pretty obvious, so if you don’t have any luck with the developed sites, you could give those a try. We came in on a Wednesday afternoon, late August, and got a site no problem. Just a side note, this site is quite the drive in, the roads were decent at the time, all gravel, narrow at some points, through some private property, with limited signage. No Verizon cell service, very remote, with lots of Grizzly warnings, so proper food storage is required! Enjoy!

Love this place

Such a nice campground. Access to the lake is very close, there is a day use area with toilets, benches and fire pits right near the lake and the campsites are just a bit further off the lake. Toilets are nicely kept and there are water pumps with potable water. We confirmed with someone from forestry who was doing a monthly test on the water to make sure it was good to drink. Lovely weather at the end of August. There are lots of squirrels and birds to listen to/watch in the trees. There are bear warnings of course, and although we didn’t see any, we heard from a few different people that grizzlies and other wildlife were common in the area.