Abby M.


Chillicothe, OH

Joined July 2020

Secluded and beautiful

Arrived on a late Saturday afternoon expecting other campers, and not a single one! Stayed two nights right on the water. All spots have fire rings and concrete picnic tables. No host, I assume, during winter hours. All spots are clean looking and $12/night. You pay at the pay station and no permit required for this camping site. Be sure to pay, had a ranger swing by Sunday morning to confirm our stub #. Did have some hunters driving by daily, heading further back along the lake but no other campers. Lots of down wood to use for fires. Be sure to pack everything you need for this trip, no close towns for restock. Has very clean vault toilets and a water pump, but unknown if potable or not. Cell service varies between 2-3 LTE for AT&T. Cold winter nights but boy, that sunset is beautiful. Would definitely stay here again!

Gem in Missouri

Lovely spot in Missouri. Passing through to Tennessee and found this gem of a spot with 2 vault toilets, trash and it’s free! Arrived at sunset in a Wednesday and only 2 other campers. There’s about 6 spots to pull in with a camper/ RV then at least 6 tent spots. Most spots have a fire ring and picnic table. 2-3 bars of LTE with AT&T. Little bit of road noise but no issues sleeping in my van. Everyone we came across was kind. No electric or water so come prepared. Closest town for supplies is around 25 minutes. Would definitely stay here again!

Worked for the night in a pinch

Was passing through the area and needed a place to land since I couldn’t find any BLM out this way. I paid $16 for a tent site at Hog campground, which had a fire ring and picnic table. Pulled in at night so it took me a while to find it but all tables note the campsite which helped. Bathrooms were meh, but worked. Didn’t use the showers but they aren’t free. They are quarter showers. Clean site and felt safe. Had 2 bars of LTE AT&T service.

Beautiful views of the river!

Pulled in around 4pm on a Saturday and only 1 other camper was here. A few vehicles were parked at the bathroom/trailhead, super friendly. There’s about 3-4 spots with picnic tables then at least 10 other spots with rock ring fire pits but no tables. There is 1 clean vault toilet, but no TP so bring your own. 1-2 bars LTE AT&T service available near bathroom but gets worse the further you go away from it. The views of the river are beautiful as well as the sunrise. It’s a bumpy 3 mile road off the highway, had no issues in my transit van as long as you take it slow.

Nice camping off the highway

Nice places to stay for a night. Several places to park but the road seems to get rougher as you go. Each spot can easily fit multiple campers or vehicles. Flags in rock pits stating no fires at this time but other campers were having them. Arrived around 3pm on Friday and only saw 2 other campers.

So so perfect

Arrived on a Thursday evening and stayed for 1 night. It’s $14/night or $7 senior/access pass fee. I had the access pass but no one at the stand to confirm so I paid full price. So many places to park along the river or off the river. Looks like over 150 campers could fit here. Only had around 30 for the night I stayed. A few small fire rings throughout the land and SEVERAL vault toilets, which were clean. I think I counted 20? Good AT&T service and beautiful sunsets. About 20 minutes from horseshoe bend or 10 minutes from Page, AZ to stock up on groceries and gas. What a nice find!

Amazing spot!

Great dispersed camping close to Bryce Canyon (15 minutes away). No amenities but vault toilets across the street at a trail head. Miles of road to find a spot with small rock fire pits. Great ATT cell service and plenty of space for the dog to run.

Beautiful, peaceful spot

Stayed here for 3 nights(Sunday - Wednesday) and it’s gorgeous. It’s BLM land so it’s free but no amenities, including toilets. Be prepared to dry camp but town is only 7 minutes away if you need to stock up on supplies or water. It’s a short 25 minute drive to Zion but you can already see some of its beauty from this spot. There’s 4 different roads to access the BLM from the main road. I stayed at the sites 40-48 road, changing spots every night. Each actual spot has a metal fire ring and marker noting the site number. There are several unofficial sites that late arrivers still stayed at with no issues. I work remotely and was able to work perfectly with my hotspot so great AT&T coverage. During the day, you’ll see some wondering cattle and dirt bike riders. At night, stargazing is fantastic and quiet. I would definitely come back and stay again if in the area. My road was close to full every night so weekends I bet are full so be sure to arrive early!

Quiet little campground

Spent two nights here and it was good. Beautiful views of the river with a couple river front spots. Only 8 sites in total, one ADA reserved until 6pm. It’s very shaded here so if you rely on solar like myself, 1-2 days is all I can stay. There’s only a vault toilet which was meh. Wasn’t stocked with TP so kept supplying my own which I’m okay with. Other campers decided to leave their trash thrown in the bathroom corners or around the bathroom, which isn’t cool. Arrived Sunday evening and there was 1 spot left. By Monday, 5 spots were open. It’s free as long as you have a discovery pass. Several people came by daily to fish along the river. Had good ATT service, enough to work remotely. Would stay again but hope people start taking responsibility of their trash and pack it out!

Good single night stay

Arrived around 4:30 on a Friday and only saw 2 other campers. By next morning, another 3 sites filled up. Vault toilets were pretty clean. Didn’t explore anything around as it was raining the entire time I was there. Quite a few hunters in the campgrounds / parking to go hunt. Road to get there was about 12 miles of dirt/gravel but when I left, only had dirt roads for 3 miles. Had 3 bars of LTE with AT&T once there. I’d definitely stay again. Very secluded and lush with greenery.

Fabulous but small campground

Nice little campground tucked up on the mountain that I stayed at for 3 nights. It has two pit toilets that were still open as of 10/20, little smelly but always stocked. There’s about 3 camp spots you can pull up to with nice fire pits and tables. Then there’s about 6 spots that are meant for tents/hike in spots. The sunsets are GORGEOUS and stargazing is amazing but it is WINDY and I mean, drops 20 degrees windy, rocks the van windy. Had 2-3 bars of LTE for AT&T and met a lot of nice people who stayed. Saturday night was packed full, the rest of the nights it was me and maybe 1 other camper. Overall, definitely would come back. Not meant for big campers or large RV’s. Bumpy 1/4 to the campground and very tight turnaround spots in the pull in areas. Oh, and it’s FREE. You can stay up to 14 nights.

Awesome spot for the week!

This place was amazing! There were so many spots to select from. Stayed 4 nights and only saw 4 other campers. The vault toilet I was near was by far the cleanest vault toilet I’ve ever used. It was checked at least once in the 4 days I was there. The spot is free but has a donation box at entrance. Saw several people have small boats to fish on the lake. Had 3 bars of 4G service so enough to work remotely but it was an struggle. No water or trash services so please pack out. No fires at this time either. Stargazing here is to die for!!

Worked for the night

Only stayed one night. It had several spots to pick from (at least 20-25) and multiple pit toilets spread throughout. Some of them were closed due to covid. Very quiet and peaceful. The area had a funky smell and SO many flies, maybe due to the heavy amount of algae on the lake but overall, a good stay.

Perfect spot for the night

Only stayed one night but it was great. Gravel road off of the highway so you can hear the vehicles pass. There’s a gas station across the street and just a mile or so from town and stores. Very peaceful and plenty of space for everyone. Was able to feel privacy while having neighbors. Beautiful sunsets!! No amenities so come prepared! Great AT&T and was able to work remotely just fine.

Great hidden spot

Plenty of spots available down the path. The first 100 feet of the road is rough then it smooths out. Only went about .5 mile back and saw at least 10 spots to pick from. Super peaceful and quiet at night. Had plenty of AT&T signal to work remotely. No amenities or close by so be sure to come prepared. Pack out what you brought!

Good one night stay

Stayed one day on my way to Reno. Nice spot along the highway. You can hear vehicles but in a van, barely heard it. There’s prairie dogs and bunnies galore, which was a nice bonus. Clean porti potties and decent AT&T signal. I only checked out one loop but place has as least 10 spots. Some have cement pads and fire rings. No picnic tables that I saw.

Good stay for 1 night

Only stayed for a night but it was a good stay. Super clean vault toilets and trash bins. There’s about 6-7 tent spots with picnic tables and fire rings. I have a camper van and stayed in the parking lot. No pull in spots for RVs or trailers but the lot can accommodate them. Pretty remote so very peaceful. Stayed on a Saturday and all tent spots filled up and had 4-5 lot sleepers.

Perfect spot!

This campground was beautiful. There’s around 15-20 spots to pick from, most having great views. They have their own picnic table and fire ring. Campground has signs stating to only camp for 72 hours every 2 weeks. Has several bike trials that I assume you can also hike. Only take 20 minutes to get to town if you need to restock on anything. Vault toilets onsite, no water. Had full AT&T coverage too.

Great stay!

Only stayed a night but arrived around 6pm on a Friday and only one other camper was there. Ended up being about 4 spots used by the end of the evening but was spacious enough to feel apart from everyone. Toilets were cleaned and pretty quiet stay. I have AT&T and had good reception. Not every spot has a fire ring but I’d say about half do. Some have little fire stoves instead of rings. Would definitely come back!