Abbie B.

Appleton, WI

Joined July 2018

Teacher, reader, teardrop trailer convert.

Cozy Creekside Cabin

Impressed with the cleanliness of the cabins and bathhouses at this campground. Easy driving access to Custer State Park offerings. The creek next to the cabins made for a relaxing background and respite from the sun.

Backpacking Newbie Approved

For my first foray into backcountry camping, this was a great place to start. The trails take you by water, through woods, and over the right amount of hills for a first-timer getting used to hauling gear around. The gorgeous views of Lake Michigan, accompanied by the quiet, mossy woods made this a picturesque location. The walk-up reservation process was easy, the facilities clean and accessible, and the sites varied enough so that each part of the park had its own unique feel. These most likely contribute to the slightly higher fees ($20/night), but I'd be ready to pay that again for such a positive experience.

Versitile camp destination

A wonderful stay during an extended weekend in the fall. Clean facilities, easy access to trails, and not as crowded in the summertime. Even though the park is located in downtown Fish Creek, when you're in the park you don't hear or see much of the town unless you choose to. If you like to stay in the woods or close to the water you can, but if you're one to run into town for dinner a night here or there, that's quite possible. Trails are varied, well maintained, and not overcrowded. Would definitely stay here again!