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In the woods camping, in the "city"

So lucky to have found this campground. The price cannot be beat starting at $10. Although you are aware of others around you, there is enough forest between most campsites so you get the real roughing it kind of feel without actually hiking out. We got a great site, walk down to the water's edge and see the glacier smack right in your face. Amazing! There is a river further in, so choose your site wisely if camping with kids, pets or partiers! We didn't see a bear, but we did see the beaver! They have a bear cache at every site, so amazing for the price. Highly recommended. It's a 1 way loop so don't make the same mistake I did and go the wrong way! The hosts are very nice and chatty. The troopers do drive through from time to time but never bothered us.

Now known as Glacier Nalu

No longer exists. Now known as Glacier Nalu.

Worth the proximity and the experience and the view darn it!

We went pre-c19 and had a blast. It was cool being able to walk to and from the event, especially if you take advantage of the pre and post event camping. Waaaaay too crowded, so I'll look forward to next time when we aren't so in each other's grill.

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Beautiful and hidden gem, lucky if you have the opportunity to go!

I was able to attend a weekend retreat and was amazed to find this, reminds me of my home in Southeast Alaska. So much space and beautiful, walkable beach. They have camps there, however unless you live there, it would be difficult to go. You have to take the ferry since it is on Vashon Island.