I'm moving into my van in less than a week!

It was all built out by the previous owners, and has electric in the back so I can charge my computer and communicate with all you fine folks on the road :slight_smile:


@taylor Nice set-up! Have fun on the road, especially on the Olympic Peninsula! We look forward to hearing of your adventures!

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Wow! Where are you headed?

Much of the rest of the year will be “slow travelling” between friends in Socal and Arizona. Still waiting for my van’s title to arrive in the mail, so in the meantime I have to stay in the state of Oregon with my trip permit. I’ve been so busy just trying to set my life up to vanlife, that I haven’t really put much thought into where I’m even gonna go haha


Congrats on the sweet setup!!! Looks amazing! I’ll be keeping my eye out for the Red Rig around SoCal & AZ! :call_me_hand:

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WOW! What inspired you to do that?!?! Hopefully I’ll see you in AZ! Check out my reviews for some good ideas on where to go!

it’s been a dream of mine for a while, and when The Dyrt changed our policies where WFH is the norm - I jumped at the chance. Why pay rent if I don’t have to? And now every run I go on will be a trail run!

I had plans to hike the Arizona Trail this fall, but the AZT association just asked everyone to postpone their hikes due to tons of trail closures and covid concerns - but I will absolutely be spending lots of time there this year :slight_smile:

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How is Van life going so far??? I am sooo excited for you and this chapter!!! Hope you are having an absolute amazing time!!!

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Pretty great! I don’t know why I would ever live in a home again that doesn’t move :slight_smile:

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That is awesome!! I am looking at an NV200 for my adventures right now… super small but way more space than the current car I travel in… the process is making me nuts trying to get it before I take off later this month though as we have found several I like but had to fight the process of dealerships coupled with weird weather …lol… Hopefully Ill be right there on that lifestyle soon though as well!!! Did you get your internet issues settled???

I avoided dealerships like the plague and bought mine used from a couple who had lived in it for a year and a half.

Internet has been so easy it’s amazing. Just a wifi hotspot and $50 a month unlimited internet from Sprint. Not the highest speed internet, but have been doing video calls for work with no issues!

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Is that through your Sprint cell plan? We have unlimited service through Verizon Wireless, but the fine print says each device is limited to 15 gb per month for use as hotspots. After that it slows way down, although there’s no $ penalty.

I joined an RV club FMCA and am using their deal for Sprint. Shoutout to Ranger Leigh for turning me on to this deal



Great to know! I see that it says it’s truly unlimited. Thanks!


$80 a year for the RV membership. $40 for the Hotspot, and $50 a month for the WiFi.

Sprint has the worst coverage out of all the brands, so that’s probably why they are willing to give out such a deal.

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And their coverage looks a little spottier here on the Left Coast and the SW, so I’ll be interested to hear how it works for you. Thanks!

PS - I also noticed that FMCA was not mentioned in The Dyrt’s review of RV clubs back in March :wink:

haha I didn’t know about them then! (and I didn’t write that article :slight_smile: )

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@Taylor If you don’t know it already, listen to “My House” by Kacey Musgraves - great song about a house on wheels (even if it is an RV!) Make me smile when I hear it!

Hey that looks awesome! Only in the first stages of converting our van into a camper for spring - very inspiring!

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Wow, you sound truly inspirational! Love the #vanlife lol I’ve been hoping to build out a bus or larger van myself. I hope things are well with your van and you are enjoying such a beautiful lifestyle :relaxed:

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