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how does everyone make their coffee? I just buy preground beans (a travesty i know) and use a french press and boil water. For coffee nerds, whats the way you make your daily joe?

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Occasionally, for luxury when car camping or with the teardrop, we use a French Press. But normally, we use Starbucks Via. It’s a great “quick” alternative that actually tastes pretty good! Kinda like instant, but waaaaaaaay better!! Easy to carry packets for backpacking!

I travel in a car and packing lots of equipment can get tricky so I invested in easy to make instant coffees from Alpine Start and Laird then simply heat water and pour into a shaker cup and shake. I was hesitant to use instant coffee before because they always tasted strange but these tase like a cup fresh out of my Keurig at home.

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I used to use my Jetboil with the coffee french press attachment. great for backpacking. but you are using the jetboil as your grounds reservoir, and it’s also the thing u need to boil water in for other freeze dried meals, so after like 3 trips everything was tasting a little like coffee :coffee:. Do yourself the favor and buy an Aeropress. The thing works with grounds, u can buy reusable filters, is mechanical, is light, and takes up little space in the car. Now my coffee is better anyway bc it’s using something actually designed #1 for coffee brewing, and my food tastes better.

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For backpacking starbucks instant, for car camping aeropress, for home pour over in hariov60. I always keep my aeropress in the car, the carrying case and seemingly endless filters makes it easy for on the go.


I’ve mostly used a portable pour-over when camping/traveling. Also, I exclusively drink hazelnut coffee when on camping trips—makes me think of the woods every time I smell it!

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Starbucks Via!!! It’s the closest you can get to fresh brewed coffee in instant form.

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You definitely had me sold on this press… I haven’t yet invested in one but it is sitting in my Amazon list to be purchased in the near future!!!

I need to up my coffee game! I usually do freeze dried instant (mount Hagen is decent) or I put some ground coffee in a loose leaf tea bag and steep that for a bit

When camping, I always do pour over. The best one I’ve found Is Kuju dark roast. They are individual packs that hook over your cup. SO GOOD! Plus, lightweight and won’t take up any space if you’re backpacking.I just ordered a Snow Peak folding pour over, can’t wait until
It arrives! Ps. My husband says I’m a coffee snob, but he agrees that the Kuju is the best of the individual packs we’ve gotten.

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We also use a french press. However, instead of preground beans we use whole beans and a manual grinder. We have the older version of this one:

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I second buying an Aeropress. Some friends went camping with us and saw our ridiculous lackluster attempts at making coffee in the morning and bought us one as a thank you for hosting them on the trip. We had never heard of it before and it has been one of the best presents ever! We’ve used it for RV, car or tent camping - we do whatever instant we have on hand when backpacking.

It’s just my husband and I and he doesn’t drink coffee. So for local car camping, it’s an individual peculator. When flying cross country to camp, I’ve gotten hooked on Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew cans that I pick up at the grocery store or gas station when we land. These are great to put in a pack for day hiking and a pick-me up mid day.


I have two different possibilities. One is a large plastic French Press from REI. The other is an over-the-fire percolaror. I prefer that one, but sometimes the former is simpler in use and cleanup time. Either way:coffee WILL happen :grin:

I love the coffee percolators! The visual anticipation is fun. Also gives a reminder to slow down and enjoy the camping experience.

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Ohh boy. This for sure will stir up some emotional response. :laughing:
But I’ve tried the whole pour over thing camping, and French press, as well as a regular perk and I keep going back to starbucks via Italian roast. I’m not a fan of the other flavors. But for the time and effort invested in the process the reward vs effort ratio. Is right there for me. The one last thing i intend on trying is a moka pot. Once I get that together then it will probably seal the deal on either that or the instant.

Exactly what we do, too! Love French press coffee with Silk Vanilla Creamer.

When car camping I typically use pre ground beans in a percolator or Starbucks Via packets. Trader Joe’s also makes pretty good instant coffee packets that are pre sweetened with kind a creamer as well. They’re pretty good, but some times I sweeten a bit more. These are great for backpacking or if you’re trying to keep the bulk down.


French press for camping. Packets for backpacking (buy the good stuff)

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