Coffee question

We grind beans with a small, manual grinder

Then make coffee using a Bialetti (or similar) Moka pot.

We make coffee along the rode the same way whenever it’s coffee break time. :slight_smile: We just pull over in a lovely spot, pull out our single burner propane stove and brew up fresh coffee on the back of our truck!

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We use the MSR MugMate Coffee/Tea filter. It can make one cup at a time, or it can be put into anything that has a mug-sized opening. We like it because it works for coffee and loose tea, since we normally have coffee in the morning then drink tea all day.

I’ve just been heating the water on my stove and using a small french press. Which is my preferred way of making coffee no matter where I’m at!

I am a complete cheater when it comes to this… I use Alpine Start or Laird coffees so that I don’t have to worry about another piece of equipment. Both are great options that actually taste amazing for instant coffees. I just heat my water put in my tumbler and shake and I am good to go!!

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We use this kind of folding brewer for our pourovers - excellent and easy to store (flat). We do it into a carafe and not cup by cup.

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I second that second for the Aeropress. I’m a regular home espresso machine user, but the Aeropress is my go to device for the road. The most important accessory to add to the Aeropress is good airtight containers for the ground coffee, since I don’t bring the grinder on trips.

I purchased a small manual coffee bean grinder on Amazon. It is approximately 7-8" tall and about 1.5" in diameter. A small hand crank turns the burr grinder. Take your favorite beans. I use an Oxo single cup pour over which sits on an insulated cup. The Oxo uses paper filters so cleanup is easy. The Oxo comes with a water reservoir that sits on top of the filter assembly and has a lid to keep everything hot. It makes excellent coffee.

I’ve been looking for an easy, economical alternative to my 1 cup pod brewer which always seems to take too long to make a cup of coffee. And the pods take up so much of my precious storage space. I have this in my Amazon cart and am saving for later. I like the idea of a reusable filter and will look for one to go with this. Thanks so much :grin:

This is the best, Cowboy coffee by Kent Rollins.

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Pour over for sure! Easy clean up if you use an eco-friendly coffee filter. Instant coffee if you’re in a jam. :coffee:

That is a very useful video! I am a big coffee lover. Although, I’ve not always been like that :slight_smile: A friend of mine has opened my love towards coffee not so long ago. Moreover, the advantages of it too! Finally, this magic potion is the one thing that makes me feel alive in the mornings :smiley: Fun fact, my friend has given me a coffee mug with “coffee lover Nr1” on it :smiley: He made it with the help of personalised mugs, by the way. Just in case any of you needed it.

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