CO state parks partial opening

CO dept of Fish and Wildlife has announced a partial re opening of state parks. No bathroom access and only by reservation. I am struggling with exactly how tent camping isn’t going to cause some nasty conditions for campers down the line. The opening situation seems to be changing daily.

What’s happening in surrounding states?

Minnesota has recently changed their wording on the dnr site. It used to say that camping was closed during the stay at home order, but now the wording is much more definite that state park camping isn’t going to happen. I’m sure they are getting a lot of pushback, but they have bullet points that address why they are sticking with this decision.

Wow! I thought CO was being cautious with opening, but at least they are. I will add, I am not on board with opening if there are no bathroom facilities. I see a cesspool for a campground in the future.

I have been looking at this very closely and with the closures of restrooms it has made me as a tent camper look to investing in a small portable unit for travel (something I needed to do for some of the areas I look to travel in anyway)… I am trying to see the positive in the negatives… I like you hope that people who are getting out think about these things and take away their garbage and clean up after themselves… I know some of the BLM in other states have been experiencing a lot of nasty people not doing so…

Here in Texas they are working on opening and some parks are providing services while others are not. Oklahoma has by far impressed me the most of the state parks they are doing very well with maintaining facilities and cleaning schedules are crazy amped up… it is kinda weird though because their restrooms are open and maintained but apparently playgrounds are still off limits… lol

Oregon State Forests just banned dispersed camping because there was too much trash. Hope everyone can handle camping opening up really well so we get to keep it lol.

And as always I’m gonna link the Dyrt’s article that constantly updating campground closures in all states -

I do a lot of hiking in Colorado State Parks and they have all had bathroom access. The postings say they are cleaned regularly and to being your own hand sanitizer.

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Is this going to be a permanent thing or just until the world returns to semi normal???

Very good to know… I think in areas which are leaving their facilities accessible they are having less people leaving behind their trash and waste… really like to hear this… thanks for sharing!!

not permanent! thank god :slight_smile: