Zane M.
Grayson, GA
Joined September 2019
Nice, private, little spot

Sweet little spot. Just stayed Saturday night. Got there about 7 pm and there was one spot left. Only 5 campsites at actual hickey gap. The pavement ends and it’s a 6 mile,well maintained, windy gravel road. You’ll come to a fork in the road where hickey gap is on the right, with day parking, then down in the holler there’s the campsites. They sit along mill creek. The sit is well maintained, not overgrown. Nice flat tent pads. Trees for enos/hammoks. Remote area that isn’t not very traveled. Shaded by tree cover. There’s what people called a water hole swimming area down the creek a half mile hike but it hadn’t rained much so it wasn’t very full but still cool! There are outhouse/vault toilets, but we’re kinda nasty and had maggots/bugs in the waste. The fire pits have grill gates attached to them. Beware of what we were told are Japanese wasps that are huge and like lights. They didn’t really serve as a problem to us but our camp neighbors got stung. Given that we did have cintronella candles burning.

I would recommend going if your not afraid of primitive camping!