Yamileth K.

Joined April 2019

First time weekend warrior

Needs lots of tlc

First, as a Thousand Trails member, I didn't have to pay. So far, after visiting 6 rv parks, I do have to say, this one is on the bottom of my list of nice campgrounds.

First the good: there are lots of sites here and the grounds range from being near neighbors to more spread out in the valley. There are lots of trees and the roads are paved which makes it perfect to ride your bicycle. The playground is great for the kids. They have a nice pool.

Now the bad: it's a run down campground. It doesn't look like they have not done any maintenance to the place. The bathrooms look like standard park bathrooms, the general store barely has any items. The kids arcade and activity center has 4 arcade games and barely anything to do but the ball center. The main activity center is closed down. The building that used to hold the water park is abandoned and clutter everywhere. The lake and gazebo have been vandalized.

Also note, if you want peace and quiet, stay away from the tent area. Those who stay there are more of the NY crowd and are very festive.

All in all, we had a nice time. No problems at all.

Loved my trip to Hershey-Thousand Trails

The first thing to know is that Thousand Trails sites are a first come, first serve. Meaning you have to arrive early in order to get the best spots. They don't reserve sites for you. For everyone complaining about driving around and not finding spots, if you get there early enough aroung 1 pm, you wont' have a problem.

This campground is located behind two farms and behind some woods, so you won't be able to see it from the main road. That is great because there was no traffic noise around. When we arrived to the gate house, the woman there was very helpful in recommending sites area for us. We chose a pull through site for our 30 ft TT since we are newbies (our 4th trip). There is ample space between you and your rv neighbor and no real obstructions to park. The trees are not in the way of the parking space. Each site had a lamp post so that at night, you could easily see where you are parked but they place them low to the ground so as not to add to light polution. The roads are a mix of gravelled area and asphalt. They have an overflow area for those with extra cars and those with tow dollies. This keeps the campground from looking like a junk yard.

As for the entertainment, we arrived too early for the pool to be open but they do have an indoor hot tub for those 16 years and older that is open. The store hours are a bit strange, with some days being open until 2pm on some weekdays. Their store has a good supply (just the essentials) but their best selling item is Hershey ice cream (so good!) They have a tennis court, mini golf, basketball court, and you saw many kids out witth their bicycles. There is even an arcade center for the kids and a rec center with a pool table.

The campground is very safe at night, no noise disturbances at night and we had no problems having our kids wander around by themselves. The batthrooms are nice and are designated shelters in case of severe weather. The pond is not suitable for swimming and has no swimming signs around. Nature decided to reclaim the area and the fish have an abuncance of kel to live in. It is a wonderful fishing and boating area.

All in all, it was a lovely campground.