Winnie H.
Oakland, CA
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Limited spaced out campgrounds for backpackers

You’d have to get to ranger station to obtain permit for use of campground on the day of your trip, so arriving early or on time at ranger station in the morning is helpful. Once you get the campground permit you then can hike into your destination. There are people who would camp anywhere if they can’t find campground after sunset. We camped at Skeel’s Meadow which is by a creek for fresh water usage (and refreshing to soak your feet in!). No facilities so mark a tree and follow LNT guidelines. No campfire allowed.

Campground for big/small group w/ facilities on sote

Spacious camground for big or small group, plenty of benches already there. Bear boxes on each designated area to store food and scented items when Area not attended or at night, it is required. Facility with flushing toilets and water for washing dishes/boiling are within few minutes walking distance, so are outhouses. Lovely place with many trees. In terms of getting the permit, you do have to get online and hit the button on the dot of the hour.