William M.
Los Angeles, CA
Joined August 2019
Hidden gem

This place is locally known as swimmers delight. This is another one of my favorite campgrounds. It is open year round and only cost 25 dollars with clean bathrooms and showers. There are many great campgrounds, many right on the river. If you are looking for a place to relax at the river all day this is a great place. It isn't known as swimmers delight for nothing.

Decent campground

This campground is very beautiful, located just north of Fort Bragg on the California coast. I witnessed the best sunset that I have ever seen in my life at this beach. However, I was unfortunate to get one campground with no trees or privacy. Additionally, this campground is more expensive than some other state parks and has limited things to explore. Also, the showers require more money to start, so if you run out of time during your shower you will need at least a dollar just to start it back up to finish rinsing off not like other State park showers. If you want to explore the area there are tons of other things too see… Including Fort Bragg, glass beach, the skunk train, Russian gulch, the town of Mendocino, Mendocino headlands, and a pigmy Forest

One of my favorite

Patrick's point camp ground is one of my favorite state parks in California. There's plenty of hiking and things to see inside the park including Sumeg village…an old historic site that the Yurok tribe used back in the day. If you want to explore outside there is also plenty to do. However, I lived around this area for 11 years and camped here many times and still haven't seen anything there is to see here. The sites are cheap relative to to other state parks and there is cheap showers and very clean bathrooms.