Olympia, WA
Joined June 2018
Very tight fit

This Campsite has very small areas that are cramped really close together. You're a pretty good hike away from the beach if you're on the East Side. However there are a lot of families that camp here. So if you have children there will be a lot of new friends to make

Great outdoor experience

This Campsite is in the woods and does not have basic amenities. It's a very rustic outdoor experience, Frequented by ATV and motorcycle and mountain biking people. There is a latrine here but no water hookups. There is a large creek running alongside some of the campsites. There are hiking trails close by but be sure to do your homework because there are many trails that allow ATV, horses, bikes, and people on them. Over all this is a great place to go if you want to get away.

Great for families

This place is Perfect for families with all size children. There is a small stream running through the side of Some of the camp spots that the kids can play . It's directly across the Street from the beach. That's very easy to get to. If you time it right you can also clam. This is one of our favorite camp spots