Victoria D.
Commerce, TX
Joined May 2018
One of my favorite places

We live approximately an hour and forty-five minutes from beavers Bend and have been going off and on since 2010. We have tent camped, stayed in cabins in the park and outside the park. It's always a nice place to get away too and most of the time there are a pleathera of deer! The swimming area is river water so it's great in the hottest part of summer because it's nice and cool. We even rented a boat one year and it wasn't even super expensive. We've always enjoyed our time, whether it's just a day trip or a few days.

Fairly nice park

We like to come here because it's relatively close to the house. We've been out here a few times total since living in the area and always have a pretty decent experience. The showers and bathrooms are always well maintained and the camping spots are clean and not too close together. We came for an anniversary/birthday weekend and tent camped with some friends and had a great time even with the weather. There is a park ranger who seems to think it's his personal duty to strictly enforce everything and he's kind of a jerk about it. Aside from that individual the majority of the staff are nice and friendly. The trails are pretty kept also and even with the recent flooding the park was still nice. Be mindful of wild hogs because we did have some a little too close for comfort two of the nights we were there!

First to Review

I've been coming to this park since I was 12 or 13 years old and we would tent camp. The only things to do is fish and go swimming and the play ground is kind of sad. I came camping in 2009 when I got back from Iraq and it was very well maintained then either, just leaves piled up so high mosquitos and various other pests loved it. We brought our camper out this weekend after reading reviews and hearing about how updated it is and how great it is but it's still the same park it's always been. There was literally a camper across from us being stabilized with cinder blocks… we have a three year old and took him to the park to burn some energy and were quite disappointed (as well as our son). The equipment was the same equipment from when I was a kid and there's really not much more than swings, a slide, merry go round, and a see-saw type thing. We paid over $90 for three nights and ended up leaving a day before because there was just nothing to do. There was also someone walking around our camper the first night and I'm still not sure who it was 😲. We had a tree in the worst part of our site, we couldn't let our awning out hardly. If we moved up a little bit we couldn't use out outdoor kitchen, if we a lot we'd be lucky to use our connections. We ended up in one of the only spots that didn't have some kind of asphalt and it had been raining for two days, that was a load of fun also because the mud was thick and there were two mini lakes around us. The campsites at the state park we're further away then here and I would have preferred some distance to our "neighbors". The gentleman who led us to our site was polite at least and they did spray for ants around our camper. However, I doubt we'll go back unless they make some better changes.