This was my first time in Wyoming and I had no idea what kind of beauty was in store for me. Hiked String Lake, to Jenny Lake, all the way to Hidden Falls. I will never go to hidden falls again, way too many people there. The other areas were amazing and not too busy! Also hiked Hermitage Point loop, we totaled 11 miles but we went all the long ways and extra overlooks on the way. Saw a golden eagle over Jackson Lake! Lastly we got to see a black bear when we were just driving thru on our last day! We had to stop to let him cross the road! Weather was cloudy most of the trip, but still beautiful.

Just one night

This campground is amazing! Don’t miss the sunrise over the tree line on the lake. It was pretty full when we got here(it was a holiday weekend) but we off roaded a little bit and found a beautiful little haven. we brought our dog who herded deer through our campsite twice, the kids loved it. Highly suggest coming here and hike the grotto because it’s a short hike and so close to the campground.