Verna S.

Grants Pass, OR

Joined April 2019

Absolutetly Awesome ! Very friendly ,a most welcoming staff at the office .

THIS was my first time here in Quartzsite,Az. I stayed at La Posa South. It has been awesome!

I have made many acquaintances ,and friendships

With neighboring RVers, tent dwellers and van dwellers.The beautiful sunsets and sunrises.<

Although there is no electricity ,they do have clean / toilets , dumpsters and potable water as well as non potable.

They also have non - potable water, and places for emptying our Rv tanks.

Yok can buy a pass ($180 to stay for 7 months in the winter,from Sept.15- April 15.

If you decide to stay in summer you pay $75. You can cam 14 days and then move 25 miles away every two weeks.

There are many options to accommodate your camping experience.

I have taken beautiful pictures since being here.

I most deffinately will be coming back.