Tyler D.
Deming, WA
Joined May 2019
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This is for the pictures

Small, scenic, dirty

It is a very small campsite. 4 spots. The location is nice, except it is very close to the road that has logging trucks going up and down. 2 of the sites are closer to the road for drive in and 2 are further into the forest. Definitely go for the ones further in. They are more hidden/private and you don't get as bad of noise and dust from the logging trucks. The trails are nice going along gnat Creek and you can visit the fish hatchery at the end of the trail. The washrooms are dirty and smelly. From what I've heard, it used to be kept up better, but now it is a bit more dumpy. Still nice nature in the area. Just a shame it isn't kept cleaner.

Nice, small, quiet

It is like you'd expect from a national Forest campground. Has 2 pit toilets. One was closed. The other had plenty of tp and was fairly clean. The handle was broken though so it didn't lock properly. There was a note on the door to knock. It is next to the river and a short drive to Rimrock lake. Great fishing and boating at the lake. The river was muddy when I was there but I heard that is not normal and was caused by flash rains or snow melt (different people had different theories.) There is no running water, but there is a water well pump (manual pump) that gives clean drinking water. You can buy firewood up the road a little ways when there is no fire ban. You aren't allowed to bring your own firewood because they want to prevent the transfer of invasive species. Buy it where you burn it.

Big, well maintained

This is a big campground. The sites are decently spaced apart. There is not much for wilderness here. It is in the trees, but a lot of it is lawn. The washrooms are clean and has showers. Has a field and playground. There is a $5 extra charge for not reserving so be prepared for that.

Very nice place and even nicer hosts.

The hosts were very kind and helpful. I rode in on my bicycle. There are lots of sites. The sites are spaced apart from each other allowing for plenty of privacy. It is in a beautiful forest with big trees. There is a nice, short loop trail leading to the river. The washrooms are pit toilets, a little dark inside, but we'll maintained and has air fresheners so it doesn't stink. One of my favourite campgrounds I've been to.

Barely a Campground

It just has picnic benches on gravel patches and a small field before the lake. No swimming allowed on this part of the lake. No shade. Free for peddlers and paddlers so I stayed for free. Has some rv hookups too. Hard to find as there's no signs showing the way. Just go to the park by the lake and then go north along the lake and you'll get to it. Only reason it has 2 stars is cause it had a shower and I didn't have to pay.