Trish D.
Denver, CO
Joined July 2018
No go for tent campers.

We thought we had found a great place to stay. Made a reservation. Paid the $25 deposit did some research and looked at the reviews. Let me tell you how let down we were. 

We were driving up to where it was and we could see from the main road our tent site. We thought hey maybe it's one further back and not right next to the road. So we go and check In and we are right next to the road.andnot even just a road to get to the place but like a main road right off the town houses across the street busy road. Also there little plots are small, like very small. Big enough for our 6 person tent & SUV? yes. After that however, not much room for anything else. Super small fire pit and our neighbors were right next to us. Like so close we could hear them chatting. Maybe if you have an RV go for it. If you are tent camping though I wouldn't recommend. We paid the $100.00 cause they are very strict about refund and well let's get honest they do give them even though there was a ton of tent spots left. Even after we knew we weren't getting out money back decided to forfeit the $100.00 and find a different camp site. So many better camp sites. More space, and not right off the main road where you can listen to cars all night and have lights shining in at you. If you really need a place that has a shower, play ground for kids and a dog run then go for it. However if you are like us and like to camp and don't really need a playground or a dog run and would like some space fr ol m your neighbor camper then please find somewhere else. They have so many just take a drive or Google other sites. Your inner Camper will thank you. In the photo, the trees right there are after a 2 lane road the fence is the edge of Ft. Welikit and other edge of that road. Way too close.