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kentucky woman cooped up in brooklyn, perpetually pining for my mountains.
Pass on this Wayside “campground”

Infested with kiave (extreme thorn plants). Difficult to get in and out of because it’s literally ten feet off a major highway. No fire access. No water access. Getting permits are a huge pain. Checking happened only once and it was in the middle of the night which is terrifying for a woman solo camping.

Attention Worst of all: a serious theft problem. Tent stolen. Umbrella stolen. Ladies before me had all their passports stolen.

The only pros are that it’s on a beautiful beach and the permitted spot is absolutely massive. Too bad tons of non-permitted campers decided to join me in the spot 🙄

Gorgeous, quiet, (almost) everything you need

What a darling little spot. Would return in a heartbeat, and honestly probably will before the month is up. Had two glorious nights there and now I don't want to camp anywhere else in Maui because I was so spoiled.


  • To echo other folks, absolutely LOVED the outdoor showers - and yes, they get hot. Felt utterly luxurious. Toilets and sinks remain clean and odorless. 
  • Easy sandy beach access! Pebble-side great for hanging up hammocks.
  • Can take relatively affordable kayaking tours from the campgrounds or rent SUP/kayaks for very affordable rates. 
  • Free coffee in the morning! 
  • Has its own teensy general store and a walkable larger market down a half mile and across the street. Famed pie place next door. 
  • Pet-friendly!


  • Literally 8 plugs for a bajillion people causing a massive traffic jam in the mornings and evenings. On the side of the ice house only (not even near campgrounds).
  • Not that you need it, but if you do - weak wifi signal beyond the toilet/shower area. 
  • Absolutely no shade at all on any sites, save for one campsite (campsite #1). 
  • Beware the wind!!! Because it's open air with no shielding trees, sooo many people evacuated to sleep in cars or resigned to/woke up to collapsed tents because of high winds. 


4.5/5. Absolutely worth it. LOOOOOVE.

Access to Everything You Need PLUS Pizza

For a few bucks per carload, Miguel’s camping spot is contains of a few open field areas situated between the Climbing Gear Shop and the famous pizza spot. A true hippie haven and Appalachian favorite, the compound also boasts three covered shelters, a basement area for a relaxing hangout, a half court for basketball, and few token-operated shower stalls, and a half dozen toilets. Miguel’s is generous with prices and with trust.

The camping ground itself has very few roots so it’s easy on the back, but note that must has no tree coverage so the sunlit will have you up first thing.

If in the gorge for the long haul or just a night, this place is a must. If, however, you have plenty of experience, I highly recommend getting a backcountry permit for the same price and staying out in the RRG itself.