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Beautiful place

Absolutely beautiful. We stayed in the cabins. Cabin #1. We attended the Hammer-In in the fall of 2019. That event itself was awesome. Campgrounds were very clean. Cabin was good, clean and comfortable. A little close to the neighbors is my only unliked thing about the whole place. I’m an isolation type of person though so…. fuck it. It was still AWESOME! I’ll be back in the spring! Oh also dogs are only allowed in one of their cabins. Kind of bummed about that but I understand. Another downer but won’t stop me from going back.

Good spot deserves 4 1/2 stars

Had very nice trails, very clean. Forest is beautiful. We camped at the primitive area spot 11. Spots are pretty dam close to each other. There is camping you can walk off to. We stayed for 1 night at the Turkey Ridge, so we stayed closer to the parking. Was only 1 other group camping on a Wednesday. There are “out houses” close by. Although they were pretty bad my buddy said “storm of flies came shooting out the hole like a tornado.” So I do agree they deserve some slight repercussion for the lack of cleanliness. All and all a great area to camp. A great hidden gem!