Timothy M.

Wakeman, OH

Joined September 2018

Palmerosa Horse Camp

I stayed in a cabin and loved this place, the horseback riding is awesome, airplane rock has a view second to none. the box canyon with waterfall is gorgeous (pun intended) but seriously it was fantastic. the cabin was clean and comfortable, and a bargain, no nickle and diming you to death.


sort of flat but pretty nice. I went a few years back to a rodeo that was a blast

awe inspiring

lots of photo ops, huge park take your time and see it all, plan ahead it will save you much sorrow, the amenities are whatever you prefer, I have never seen a park with so many options

totally awesome

very nice place, lots to do, hiking, fishing, boating, sightseeing, getting the best lobster you've ever had at bar harbor, the view from Cadillac mountain is unreal. the clam chowder is the best.


easy to get to, close to amenities, fishing, swimming, trails, camping

awesome, one of the best
  1. it is only about 20 years old and in good repair, clean, well kept, friendly, and close.
  2. it has its own beach,
  3. it has a boat ramp
  4. fishing is great
  5. shipwreck diving right around the corner
  6. in town bakery is very good