Tim J.

Prescott, AZ

Joined August 2018

Windy Desert Campground

Hike and Bike spot did not include a table or cooking grill/fire pit. It also sits next to restrooms. This is a nice desert campground with green lawns and close proximity to the river. Winds picked up dramatically at night.

Nice View but Crowded Tent Site

Hike and Bike/tent area has a wonderful view of Seattle across Puget Sound. Unfortunately, the campground is far too crowded with people coming for day use, which also means a lot of litter. The camping sites also sit next to a busy parking lot.

Nice Hike and Bike

The hike and Bike area is not easily located because it is set apart from the other campsites.  Showers are included in the fee and restrooms are clean. Tent site includes a table and fire pit.  Campground is right on the water with a convenience store about a quarter mile away. Seems to be popular with day visitors.

Quiet and Convenient

Quiet camping right on the bay. Campground is conveniently located near the town of Sequim. Forest setting with campsites spread out. Clean showers and restrooms. Campground is accessed by the highway or if hiking and biking from the Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT).

First to Review
Perfect Nature Campground

If you are looking for a cammpground that is not large and crowded and is what they used to be like, then this is for you. This privately owned campground has full hookups and tent sites. It has clean showers and restrooms, a rec room, and laundry. There is a tank dump and propane. You also have a bar/restaurant next door. There are 20 acres with trails that take you along a creek and a thick forest that includes wild berries. This is a welcome escape from the crazy world and crowded campgrounds.

Ocean Sounds and Beach Access

Nice shaded hike and bike area close to restrooms and showers. Open area nearby to relax in the sun. A trial takes you on a short walk to the beach. Clean and well maintained campground. Wide sandy beaches with very few people.

Hike and Bike Difficult to Reach on Rainy Days

The hike and bike area is secluded and quiet, but it is also difficult to reach.  You must take a dirt trail that can be muddy and slick on rainy days. Nice clean restrooms and showers.  Campground can be loud at times from people coming for the nearby dunes. Campground has yurts.

Secluded and Quiet

Hike and bike area is down a short trail near the RV spots, but still quiet. Lots of trails taking you down to a river for canoeing and kayaking. Also within walking distance of the lighthouse. Tent spot has fire pit and table. Firewood, showers and restrooms available.

Nice Scenery

Beautiful coastal areas in close proximaty to the campground. Good facilities for most every type of camping, including hike and bike.

Crowded and Loud

Close RV hookups and lots of traffic. Close to town. Seperate fenced hike and bike area next to garbage dumpster. Nice lockers where you can store valuables and charge batteries. Yurts!

One of the Best!

Oregon does it right! While there are traditional spots for RV and tent camping, the Hike and Bike area was awesome. Each spot is private with a table and fire pit. Showers are included in your fee, the campground is quiet, and there is a nice walk to the beach (dogs are allowed). The campground is well maintained and clean. Very relaxing.

Close to Town and Crowded

The campground is just off the highway about one mile north of Brookings.  The hike and bike area was set apart from the regular hookups for RVs and other vehicles.  Very clean restrooms and showers. Park rangers and camp hosts visited the hike and bike area often because of all the homeless coming from the nearby city.

Abalone Point - Hidden Gem - Amazing Views

There appears to be a couple of separate campgrounds… the one I camped at is called Abalone Point.  I was unsure if it was open because there was nobody around and an old road was falling into the ocean.  Primitive campground with no showers or camp host. There was a toilet (hole in the ground), a table, and water.  What you do get is peace and quiet and an amazing view of the ocean. Self payment and was $3 for hike and bike.

Beautiful Coastal Campground

This is a large spread out campground with nice hiking paths near the beach. Good coastal marine viewing area and close to Ft. Bragg. Hike and bike area is small and across from one of the camp hosts who was very friendly and offered wine, watermellon, and her campfire.

Great Coastal Location

While this campground is set off from the highway it is very busy on weekends from tourists out for the day.  Lush setting with the hike and bike area located near showers and restrooms. Campsite includes a table and fire pit.  Within walking distance of the beach and a short drive to coastal towns.

Lush Campground

Lush and moist campground with large banana slugs. Helpful park rangers.  Bike and hike area includes table and fire pit. Near cute little towns and the ocean.  Lots of vehicle traffic on weekends.

Waterfront Camping and Forest Setting

Beautiful campground sitting next to water with dense forest and ground cover.  Clean shower and restrooms that include hot water, hand soap, paper towels, mirrors and electrical outlets.  Friendly camp host and hike and bike area. Extra fee for pets.

Good Hike and Bike Area

Hike and bike area is next to the ranger station, which means you can use their electrical outlet.  Showers were not working when I camped there… likely because of the statewide drought. Plenty of dense shaded hiking trails.  Food box is a nice place to leave items for others who are hiking or bike touring.

Secluded and Quiet

This is more of your traditional campground where you must carry all your food and gear to the campsite.  It is a short hike from the parking lot to the camping area and the camp hosts can provide containers to carry your items.  The campground was not busy and this allowed me to pick a spot hidden away from others. There are restrooms and a place to get water, but when I was there the showers were closed.  There are many hiking opportunities and chances to see wildlife (deer, wild turkey, rabbits, squirrels, racoons, and birds). Sites include fire pits, picnic tables, and food storage box.

Busy Campground in May

The hike and bike area is next to the RV hookup sites, and it can get a good bit of foot traffic.  Restrooms/showers were dirty, but that seems to be from the day visitors to the beach. It was cool and breezy, but still enjoyable on the beach.