Thomas J.
Provo, CA
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I am 21 years old, I love everything there is about the outdoors and I am an aspiring athlete for multiple outdoors brands!
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Visitor in the Wilderness

Last week my friends and I drove up and camped in Christmas meadows. This is one of the first places where I felt like I was a visitor in nature, rather than being surrounded by a bunch of rv's and campers. We found a designated spot off the side of the trail and hung up our hammocks to sleep in for the night. Absolutely beautiful place and I 100% recommend visiting

Who can complain about free fruit?

My friends and I were looking for a nice place to camp on our way back from our excursion in Escalante and stumbled upon the Fruita campground! We all loved this place! First come first serve, which was perfect for us because we aren't the best at planning ahead. Very reasonable price, only $20 for the group for one night. Also at every site there is either a grill or bonfire pit and plenty of shade with close trees to hang up a hammock in. Overall one of the most relaxing campsites I've been too. Oh and I can't for get the orchards surrounding the campground! We didn't even pack a breakfast because we just went to the orchards and ate the apricots for free!(they do charge you $1/lb if you plan on taking the fruit on the road with you.