Thomas B.

Brockport, NY

Joined December 2016

I'm 29 love hiking and camping with my dog Brooklyn. I work as a beer salesman and am outside as much as possible when not doing that.

lakeside beach

it's a very nice park if you want to sit by the water but dont want to touch it. theres really not much of a beach if any at all. there is a decent cliff to get to the water. campsites are very open not much shade, trails are kept pretty nice so if your looking for something like that or a couple short trails and sit by the water this is for you

day trip

the beach is pretty nice I went there for a day trip this time since it's close to my house I can take my dog for a walk, i have camped there sites aren't secluded like they used to be but they are nice and in walking distance to the beach. and you get to see the beautiful lake Ontario.

cabin site/tent site

this park is just beautiful I have stayed in both a cabin and a tent here and both are very nice sites tent sides being slightly more secluded then the cabin. however having your own bathroom in a canin is great to. the views here are amazing there are alot of trails to hike some eay some moderate but all are very clearly marked and easy to follow. if your looking for a nice place to camp this should definatly be on your list.

Beautiful Vermont

I only got to stay two nights here but it was veey nice. only seven tent sites and three Leanto so pretty secluded. the best part is every night its only a ten minute hike to the summit from where the sites are and you get to watch the sunset over Vermont and lake champlain as the sun falls behind the adirondack mountains, its quite an amazing site. very highly recommended if y oi u want piece and quiet and that mountain feel with a stunning view.

4 nights

the camp ground is beautiful right on the lake the water was 3 steps from just about every site there. very family oriented great for water sports or biking with kids. the reason I give it 3 stars is it's not very secluded and there is a lot of noise during the day, luckily I spent most of my day hiking the mountains near by. all in all I would definatly recommend it if your looking for a family vacation with a beautiful lake view and friendly people. but if solitude is what your looking for I would find a more private camp.

4 night camp dewolf point park

I stayed 4 nights at a non electric tent site, it was me and my dog enjoyed some bon fires and some hiking in Wellesley island state park as well. It was very quiet somes sites are kind of close but no one was up there in a tent other than me. Park employees kept bathrooms clean and were very nice. Rates were cheap i spent roughly $65 for 4 nights. Other then the ticks we encountered at the other park it was a great vacation and a beautiful view