Teresa H.

Vancouver, WA

Joined June 2018

So beautiful!

Clear and cold water, good crawdad catching/eating.

However when making reservations I told the host that we had small kids, 1 large tent plus 1 small tent and we could not be in a walk in site. Mind you I called to speak to them personally before making the reservation on line to ensure my 4 hour drive would not be in vain. When we got there they had tried to have us in a small site barely big enough for a 2 person tent that you had to walk into. When I reminded them of our needs they had a very difficult time getting us a site. If I hadn't printed out a copy of our reservation with the details of needs then they would not have cooperated.

Once we were in a site the rest of our week was amazing! We went hiking, swimming, we played in the woods did normal camping stuff.