Tally I.
Phoenix, AZ
Joined March 2018
Great location and clean sites

Camped here with a group of 11, in 2 sites. Sites were well maintained and we didn’t feel like all the other guests were right on top of us, nor that our large group was bothering anybody. Sites were spaced far enough apart that it didn’t feel crowded even though all sites were full that weekend. Bathrooms were convenient, but a bit smelly just outside the structures.

Beautiful view!

Fires rarely allowed and the wind can make camping here a bit chilly. Nothing can take away the view though! Some of this area is literally at the edge of the Mog Rim! I wouldn’t bring tiny kids here for fear of them tumbling down the cliff, but adults looking for a quiet getaway would love it here.

Great for families who need lots to do

Great location, 5min to Flagstaff, shares property w/high ropes course and amphitheatre. Only 3 stars because campsites are small and crowded together—hopefully you like your neighbors… Ours were loud and drunk till 1:30am even though that isnt the norm, as the rest of the camping families were quiet by 11pm. Also the bathrooms are just porta-potties, same as you’d see at concerts. We usually opt for dispersed camping with no amenities at all, so we’re not princesses by any means; however, we expected at least some kind of flush toilet and hand washing sink for this nightly price rate. So we give 3 stars to this campground all in all.

We would give negative stars if possible to our specific campsite: (D17). DO NOT STAY AT D17! In the center of the space is a giant sewer access point, a big cement well with metal manhole cover. IT STUNK! For a campground that doesn’t offer any plumbing, why did we have a giant sewer in our campsite?! So we moved our tents back into the woods, maybe 20 feet back from our “designated” area. Of course we got told by the very curt host to move our tents back up front right near the sewer. Ugh! If we had any other spots to move to we would have! RentIng this space out to folks who want a lovely weekend out in the fresh air is cheap and deceptive.