Tad W.
Payson, UT
Joined August 2018
Great area, close to town; fishing and cows are a problem

I camped here in 2017 for a week long Scout camp, and it was wonderful! Plenty of fishing, hiking and fun. This year (2018) the Forest Service decided to have someone let their cow herd loose in the area. We spent the week chasing the cows away, and waking up at 5AM when the cows started mooing. We went for a week long Scout camp again, and the Scouts didn't catch a single fish the whole week. The cows would go to the lake to drink, so 3 to 4 feet of the shore around the entire lake was destroyed by the cows and turned into a muddy mess. I was very upset about the cows. I hate cows now (except for eating them). As long as they don't let the cows in, it's a great place to camp and fish. There is no water at the campsites. You have to go to the camp host and they have a water spigot there to get water.