Gorgeous riverside camping

I attended the Twin Rivers Chopper Campout this past September, and though it was an event that certainly changed the vibe—filled with motorcycles, music, a food truck, and a decent sized crowd of fantastic people—I could tell that this campground would be an absolutely lovely spot if you’re looking for a more unique, more quiet, car-camping experience. My friend and I set up our tent literal feet from the river that runs parallel to the campground, and I could’ve honestly stayed there for a week if I’d been able to! It seems a little bit of a sketchy drive into the primitive sites, but no one had any problems as far as I know—we certainly didn’t! There’s space for RV camping (I do believe) closer to the entrance of the campground, I saw plenty of people taking a float down-river, and the whole area surrounding the campground is filled with beautiful views of the blue ridge mountains just a short drive away. I’ll definitely be going back.