Sydney B.
Columbia, SC
Joined May 2019
Cute, homey, close to many nice hikes.

This campground is very nice. Sites are close and it does feel a little tight, but overall it is a homey feel that doesn't really feel overcrowded. Some of the amenities are spread out and you may need to drive to them, but it's worth it for the great, well-cared-for feel. Super quick drive to Dupont or Jones Gap/Caesar's Head. We loved it!

Lovely, family-friendly

This campground is family friendly. You feel very safe walking around. I have visited in fall; you do need to drive to most hiking trails unless you want to add a good bit of a walk to your hike. Campsites are close but do not feel overcrowded.

Max Patch--beautiful views

I've camped at Max Patch and absolutely loved it. What is upsetting is that people pitch tents and build campfires on the summit, which damages the fragile maintained meadow. There are specific campgrounds only a ten minute walk from the summit. This is where I camp when I go. Just take the trail around the mountain instead of the erosion-causing trail straight up to the summit. There are a couple of nice spots by a creek. It would be unpleasantly crowded on the top anyway. Grab a headlamp and take the quick walk up/down for sunrise/sunset, then retreat to your private campsite.

Lake views and close to Columbia

This campground is great, especially if you go to A, which is a good bit smaller than B. I have been here probably ten times. It is great in the winter, when things are quiet, and in the late spring/early fall, when you can swim in the lake but not die in the sweltering heat. All sites are well-kept and don't feel too close. Some of the tent sites are right on the water and are particularly awesome.

Beautiful, good for beginner backpacking trips

This was my first backpacking trip without a guide. The trail was relatively short, but the hills were bigger than expected. However, the payoff at the trailside campground is incredible. The sites are out on a point on Lake Keowee. It doesn't feel truly wild (you can see houses and a golf course across the lake), but the sunsets and sunrises are beautiful. You can hear boats while you are there. We went in the fall, but in the warmer months the swimming opportunities would be great!

Tightly packed but beautiful

I've stayed in the regular drive-in spots as well as the walk-in spots at this campground. Most recently, I stayed in the walk-in tent spots with a large group. There was enough space that we did not feel that we were encroaching on other groups, though when I've stayed in the other spots it feels cramped. Walking to the bathroom from the walk-in spots is a long walk and parking is limited. It is very cute, old-fashioned, and family-friendly.