Steven B.
Las Vegas, NV
Joined June 2019
Second time camping at Macks

Had a great time both times I’ve camped here with friends. The dirt road takes you far out of the way and away from everything. Some of the sites are situated on the side of mountains so the views (especially at sunset) are breathtaking. Sites are spacious and set far away from each other. Very happy with these sites. Great place to disconnect. Very primitive. Make sure to take all your trash out with you. Gets windy at night so stuff can blow away.

Sunday/Monday 24hr trip.

Got up there around 10:30-11:00am on Sunday. “Champion Road” is a decently maintained dirt/gravel road and there are camp sites scattered on both sides, all different shapes and sizes. I took a small road off to the right towards the mountain and found a pretty secluded site. My site had a rock fire ring from previous campers and a cleared away flat area for a tent. I brought a small table luckily because there was nowhere to put stuff other than hanging in the trees, on the ground or on a log. My tent is a 2 person 6ftx7ft tent and was too big for spot so my tent wasn’t positioned very well, other sites may have been better. I think because my site was a bit more off the main road it had fewer campers therefore was not as well kept. My site was very rocky and well covered by large trees, not another site within a 400 meter radius. I didn’t check out many other sites so can only speak for mine. It was a little dirty from previous campers, but after a quick walk through and clean up it was homey. Next time probably will find a little bit more “developed” spot with larger area for my tent and cleared away rocks. Great for the short time I was there and serve me well for getting away and hanging by the fire, listening to music and watching the stars. Definitely will be going back soon. Maybe do some thing to make the spot a little better for the next camper and bring bags to take your trash (and others trash) with you when you leave. Enjoy!