Steve H.
Carlisle , IA
Joined March 2020
Im an outdoor enthusiast! Camping, kayaking, hiking, fishing and edibles hunting . If its outside Im probably volunteering or participating in it!
The Banks

The banks are amazing! River access and a pond to fish! Camped here my whole life. Boy scouts and with friends. Check out the burial grounds. Just wish there was more camping riverside. ( groups available)

Lovely little park

Tons of open areas, lots of small trails and fast fill up camping. Ill always return here!

Summer/ Fall bugout

Beautiful river access and camping in the trees. However the mosquitos get crazy here!

Childhood Home

I grew up miles away. This is where we spent time on the beach, fishing, rentals and camping! It's definitely changed in 20 years. Last summer visit (10 yrs ago) it was ran over with loud radios and flashing lights. I haven't been back since for camping. But will never forget the good times had there!

Little limited, secluded.

Love this little 1st come first camp county park!

Nice park in the spring and fall! Historical site.

Definitely a great camping place. Historical site. And a great place to rent out!