Stephanie R.
Greenleaf , WI
Joined June 2018
Great hike

This is backcountry camping and is a great way to get away from the crowds. It is away from the Hoodoos but you follow the rim and there are some amazing views you won't get by staying in the popular areas.

Beautiful and less popular

Thsee sites are beautiful and you can chose to camp on the edge or more in the middle. The rodents are bad at some of these sites so you have to use a rat sack.

Worth the climb

These backcountry sites are a challenge to get to but they are definitely worth it when you get there. You pick your site basically wherever you want and anywhere you go you will be able to hear and see the river.

Beautiful and peaceful

These sites are next to a river. Has fire pits and places to hang your gear. It's a great site down in the valley and the trail is beautiful getting there.

That view!

This was a great hike in and with the radio tower on the top the views are amazing! There are provided hooks to hang your heat at night to keep the bears away and you can have a campfire here but it's tough to find dry wood.

Backcountry camping

These sites are backcountry meaning they are not established sites. You just wander down the trail and pick your favorite spot with consideration to not disturbing as much nature as possibe. I got to sleep listening to a river all night. It is also convenient since most places are not far from the trails.