Stephanie K.

DeBary, FL

Joined May 2018


If it wasn't for the springs itself we probably wouldn't stay here as often as we do. The bathhouses 2/3 have been upgraded but it went from three showers to two and the third shower is a family shower with a toilet in the same stall. The new bathrooms are cool but the tiles definitely should have been done so the water went in the drain and not over the whole stalls floor. This goes for all six of the new showers in both houses, trust me. Don't leave your stuff on the floor lol.

W sites themselves are unlevel, crushed shell over old concrete slabs making a rough tent surface and a hit or miss if you can get your tent stacks in. All the sites have water and electric and some have the sewr plumbing. Maybe three sites. The walk to the springs isn't far at all and if your camping it's best to walk. It gets very crowded on the weekends so we often camp here during the week. Canoes rent is on the high side in my opinion. And there isn't much for trails but the springs food path is nice to walk. Swimming is only closed if there is a gator in the springs. But there is also a fishing dock.

Exactly that. CLEAR WATER L A K E

This was my first time ever being on water this clear. If is deep in the middle of the spring fed lake but you can see perfectly to the bottom. Lots of fish to catch and eat in there too.the water gets warm easy but it's a walk in beach style so it's perfect for big and very small kids. No electric hook ups, no water hook ups. They do allow you to run your generators and most people are considerate and don't run them ALL NIGHT. They have two loops we use the back loop bc the first loop is also for day use and it's a lot of foot traffic and more vehicles in and out. They have hot showers but just a heavy spray and it does shut off so you have to keep pushing the button. But the design of the bath houses is also cool bc the high ceilings keep the restrooms cool even in100° days. There is no cell service. You are also in bear country here and it is mandatory to use the bear lockers for your food and put your shower stuff in there too. If it's not a bear, which we didn't encounter it will definitely be a raccoon.lots of wild life to see and billions of spiders to shine

The springs is perfect cold for the Florida heat

I like to camp out places where swimming is available. We camp a lot during the summer but since this is Florida it's HOT regularly and sizzling during the summer months. Although the spring is quite a walk, with floats in tow, driving is an option also and there is always lots of parking, and it goes in a curve so your never to far from accessing the springs no matter where you end up parking. Oh and they allow you to use a golf cart also. I'm not all that impressed with the sites, crushed shell, and you have to pitch the tent on it also, would be cooler if they let you pitch it a bit off site so your in the pine straw verse the crushed shell, which sucks to sleep on if you don't have a pad. This campground sees more rigs then tents and thankfully there is electric hook ups so you don't have to here any generators, bc you are close close by each other. Showers were decent if you got one with a shower head and having hot and cold adjustable is nice. We also took advantage of the clothes line they have on site as well as the second loop has a book exchange. LOVE THOSE! We saw tons of wildlife even just chilling at the campground. Turkey, deer, tortouse, friendly squirrels. Your in bear territory but there are no bear lockers which is nbd we are used to keeping our coolers in our trucks at night. Definitely will camp here again. Bring your kids, your floats, kayak, snorkle … You can even bring your canapy to the water area with lawn chairs and your mini grill and just do the place for the day at the springs it self. They also have a horse coral and a BUNCH of hiking trails.