Stella C.

Cañon City, CO

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Simple and basic

Nice campground. Must buy firewood from campground host as they do not want wood brought in that might bring bugs that could turn the trees on the grounds bad.
Some running water towards back end of the campground with a short lil hike down to it. The sites are decently spaced apart and the tree coverage is nice.
Vaulted toilets, no sinks, fire rings standard as with any of the State Park camp grounds. Clean and well maintained.
The drive in to town is not far off. Enjoy!


Really quite nice….except we didnt have or buy any firewood. Mosquitoes are an army so bring something to shield or fight them off with, or have a fire…@ night which would help.
The views are phenomenal.
There are hot showers available. Away from our campsite was a nice swim are with kayaking and a gift shop. The park is well maintained and visited by so many different people from all over the world.
The privacy from 1 campsite to the other isn't the greatest but for settling to camp right by the ocean, it is well worth it.
Arrived at night, scored a site, had breakfast about 10-15 minutes drive off Hwy 1 at a place located off a marina on the West side of the highway.
Highly recommend this place!!

Cool place to camp!

Athough I booked a 2 night stay I was only here 1 of the 2 days.  Very nice campground.  The pads and spots are nice and well groomed.  I booked one of the nicer spots too.  There are hookups at this campground and it isn't too far away from stores.  Liked the place overall.  No rushing waters but Haviland Lake took the attention.  Serene, not crowded with noise from the main road which is a ways off the water front on the other side of the campground.  The camp sites are not close to one another and provide ample privacy.  There are trees and shade, take bug spray as the mosquitoes want ya.  Very nice place in my book!  I would return!  Pricey but nice! Bathrooms are well maintained and just an overall pretty classy spot.

Great place!

Nice views of Twin Lakes and Mt. Elbert.  The fishing is good especially if you prefer rainbow trout.  The camp sites are spread out pretty nicely and are not all the same.  Some sites offer shade and a view of the waterfront while others have lil shade and you can't see Twin Lakes.  There is water, ample vaulted toilets around the campground, friendly campers with dogs on leashes.  There is a nearby store where 1 can even purchase a fishing rod as you head towards Aspen.  I enjoyed my stay all 3 times, thus far that I have camped in tents here.  There are rushing waters and Twin Lakes to keep you cool.  Beautiful hiking!  Mostly just RVs and tent camping.  I recommend a site back up the lil hill so you can see Twin Lakes!  Nice campground.

Good fishing, that's it.

I am not a lover of Eleven Mile.  The wind factor due to the lack of trees is probably my biggest issue with Eleven Mile.  The views at sunset are nice I would not put it down as a place to return.  I think of it more as a mans' type of place than some place I'd recommend.  I was uncomfortable, fighting off bugs, covering my mouth from dirt from the wind, from vehicles coming in and out of fishing and parking lot area.  Took kayaks out on the water and it was not a smooth ride either, nonetheless sharing experiences with loved ones and friends was the best part, still…   nearby family has a PC. Of land and we all spent a couple of days there.  Half of the time it was spent inside campers due to the rough, high winds.  The area is wide open.  I prefer trees.  The bugs are just an added irritant.  I have long hair and I had to keep it up which was a bit of a hassle if it came out of my hat or bandanas.  The fishing is awesome, if you keep at it.  The wind factor obviously plays a big part in casting a lot and often.  Don't like tangled lines myself so it is just not the place for me.  If driving through, in the evening, it can be pretty and one might do well to take their camera.  Take a bonnet, sun tan lotion and bug repellent for sure.  It is open space and you can see for quite some distance.overall not my type of fishing or camping spot.  A motorized boat is best instead of a canoe or kayak for sure due to the winds and choppiness of the water.

Nice, shaded, along water

This is a pretty campground which sits beside rushing waters.  I didn't run in to bad mosquito issues which was nice, however I may have been covered up.  The fire, food, peaceful stay and friendly company was a nice break from the electrical devices we so normally plus into.  Have stayed here 2 or 3 times.  Enjoyed all but 1 when our tents got inundated with storm waters.  We packed up, headed in to Salida for the rest if the stay.  Otherwise, it is a great lil place.  Hiking, playing in creek and visiting the river water, grilling out and enjoying friends and family in front of the fire.  Life is what we make it.  

Vaulted toilets- idk maybe 3 around campground

Trash receptacles 

The road to get here did get washed out as well once.  It was driveable by the time we left camp.  

Fires ok in designated rings

Firewood for sale until host runs out.

Food in Buena Vista is about a 35 min. Drive out.  A closer gas station and truck stop are about 15 mins. Out

First to Review
Rustic, no running H20, shaded, near reservoir

Loved this 'lil place due to FCFS, 1st come, 1st serve availabilities and the nature that makes it unique compared to those campgrounds around it.  I believe the fee is still 18.00/night.  Vaulted toilets are limited but there is 1 there.  Running Taylor rivers are a walk across the street and the reservoir is about 7 minutes up the county road.    Loved this place!  It does not offer firewood for sale but it does allow fires in firepit.  Idk why it crossed out fires.

Open, no shade really, fishing not good, ehhhh an experience

S the campgrounds around the lake were so full we drove and pitched a tent nearby for 1 of the nights.  The views were nice.  We made it work.  It is always what ya make it.  I would not return.  Felt as if there was no privacy except off the campground.

Not much shade, but has showers, books, lol both RVs mostly

Went during a fireban last year which made it tough.  I had taken my trusty tripod grill and left Coleman burners at home…  Fish were very good at not staying on hook.  Nice reservoir nearby within a few miles drive.  Overall good place but lacking trees in campground.  There was 'lil walk down a hill to fishing in a creek and small pond from our campsite which is optimal for the fishing enthusiast.  Nearby reservoir has space to have company over or host a party with amenities such as enough space and picnic tables, bathrooms and playing space for young kids.  There were kids riding bikes on paved walkways and some trails throughout the well maintained park.  Nice waters @ the nearby reservoir.  Enjoy!

Most everything needed but showers and electrical.

This campground has what I desire most in one, a lake, and rushing waters within walking distance of campsite.  It has decent fishing for small rainbow trout and is stocked on the regular.  The sites have trees around them or in them and that is always a plus for me when choosing a campground.  There are vaulted toilets, in both the campground itself and near the fishing pier's at the lake.  FCFS-(1st come, 1st serve), which I like.  It isnt too long of a drive back in to town for supplies and I have always felt safe camping here!  Enjoy