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Unbelievable views of "The American Serengeti"

I camped here for one night, but would have happily stayed for a week.

I was on a huge hill overlooking all of "The American Serengeti" and it was stunning. Easy drive up and down to Gardiner for groceries. Besides a LOT of gunshots in the area, the campsite was perfect. Located directly off of the National Forest road. There are dozens more sites as you go further up the road but I preferred the view of the first site.

One of the Most Unique Campsites I've Stayed at: Right In A River Bed!

One of the most unique campsites I've ever stayed at, RIGHT in the river bed! I stayed here for 3 mights while visiting the West Glacier section of Glacier National Park, and LOVED it! Met so many awesome people and had such a great time by the river. Only downside is that the Verizon data signal isn't ideal.

Amazing location for accessing Yellowstone National Park South Entrance

I stayed at Grassy Lake Road the night before entering Yellowstone National Park from the South.

This road has at least 7 free developed campsites, but likely many, many more than that. I passed the first 6 because they were all taken, but #7 was open.

Each site has a real bathroom, trash containers, fire pit, and grill!

My stay here was perfect, I'd definitely stay again!

Stunning views of the River & Pilot Peak!

I stayed here last week for one night. I backed my van right up to the river with an amazing view of Pilot Peak in the background, and fell asleep to the sounds of the rushing water. It's an amazing spot to stay on your way into, or out of, the Beartooth Highway.

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Incredible Views and TOTAL Privacy

As I was driving over Salt River Pass I noticed a small dirt road on the side of the highway. Upon checking Google Maps Satellite View, I could see that the road ended in a campsite, so I decided to scout it. The road is HEAVILY rutted, and would be impassible for a regular car, but it was easy to pass in my Sprinter Van. The campsite is STUNNING, in a field of wildflowers, RIGHT near the highway, but totally isolated and private.

Unbelievable Views!!

Shadow Mountain is the most popular place to camp for anyone in Jackson, or people visiting Grand Teton National Park, so finding an available spot tends to be difficult in the summer, but I lucked out and got the best spot on the mountain and spent a week up there. The road into, and out of the forest is HORRIBLE, and LONG, but if you plan on staying for a few days, it's worth the trip. If you only plan on staying one night, the long road might not be worth the effort.

One of the best campsites I’ve ever found.

I drove through Arches National Park on Salt Valley Road, until it exited the park onto BLM Land. Took an immediate right and followed the fence of the park. The campsite is hidden behind a hill and is flat, with an existing stone fire pit. Plenty of dry firewood laying around and coyotes and antelope all around!