Stacy F.

Little Rock, AR

Joined February 2018

Operating room nurse that loves to get outside

wildlife & great hiking!!

Absolutely loved staying at this campground! Visited in first week of June 2018 and had the very best experience! The campground was busy at this time but we were able to get a campsite without much difficulty. Parts of the campground weren’t even open yet for the year but that was no issue. We camped near the back of the campground close to the creek. We were able to experience a moose and her calf crossing through the campground to the creek just behind our campsite. Moose definitely hang out in the area and you are most likely to see them in the morning & evening. The hike to Grinnell Glacier was my favorite part of our entire trip . It was magical with lots of trails to explore in the area. We weren’t able to go all of the way to the glacier due to snow still on the trail but it was still so great.

beautiful but MOSQUITOS

This campground is secluded and beautiful. The campground itself was very well maintained. At the time that we went (late May/ early June 2018) there were only a handful of other people there so it was very quiet which was awesome. I thought being from Arkansas we could handle some mosquitos but oh no the mosquitos are on a whole other level here. No amount of Off Deep Woods could save us. Definitely wish we had brought a thermacell or something like that which would probably make it a lot better. We didn’t hike in this area because of the mosquitos but there are several trails. We kayaked on the lake and it was amazing! Don’t be like us though and think you can kayak the entire thing and back unless you start EARLY when the water is smooth because otherwise you are going to struggle.. for 5 hrs🤪