Livingston, TX

Joined June 2019

DO NOT camp here! If you do - DO NOT DRINK THE WATER

***READ OTHER WATER ISSUE REPORTS ON GOOGLE!!!! *** DO NOT NOT NOT drink this water!!!! We are boondocking just outside Madison Arm, still in the National Forest, and we stopped in to see if we could fill our 60 gallon water bladder. And if so, how much would it cost. The owner said we could fill our 60 gallons for free, and ran out about 28 gallons into it and told us we'd have to pay $60. Because we only got 28 gallons she charged us $45. She specifically said we could fill it for free. When we got home, we noticed the water was bad, tea colored and dumped it on the ground. We will be filing a grievance with the National Forest, as this was a classic robbery. And we couldn't even use the water we paid $45 for. ABSOLUTE CROOKS!!!!!!!!! The state park down the road charges $10 for the whole year. We should have driven the extra couple miles and gone there, but we pulled in and asked, and she said it was free and to go ahead.

The ironic part is we worked for the National Forest up in Montana last year. We know that these fees are regulated for the concessionaires and this is not supposed to happen. You can NOT tell someone they can go ahead and fill their water bladder for free and then change your mind and demand money. $45 for 28 gallons that I had to dump on the ground is NOT ok!