Spencer K.

Portland, OR

Joined July 2019


Groups Galore

This site as a primary function: OHV camping.

Which makes sense as it sits at the heart of a designated OHV area, with hundreds of miles of trails connecting campgrounds to the north, east, and west.

Three large group sites are the main draw for most people, with plenty of room for RVs, trailers, and extra vehicles. 1 or 2 other spots are secluded enough for tent camping, but even then you won’t avoid the presence of roaring engines and mini tours around the park.

All in all, a wonderful site in the heart of the Umitilla Forest, but beware the motored groups if it’s not your cup of tea.

Just Right

When intuition draws you to a place for no other reason than a feeling, you’d be smart to follow it.

That’s what led us to Tollbridge, a lightly used campsite 15 miles south of Ukiah on Highway 325. At first it’s not much to see, but ale a chance and unpack or a night or two and you’ll be glad you did.

There is light activity on the gravel road behind the campground, but most turns east rather than crossing the bridge that gives this site it’s name. Just under the bridge is a perfect swimming hole, and up river either way decent water for brookline fishing. With only 5 sites, only 2 of which can accommodate RVs, this place stays quiet even on the busiest of weekends.

Go for a swim, walk a long the river, and end the day next to the fire as the sound of the river washes away the outside world.