You have to go here!

The Black Canyon of the Gunnison is an incredible park - the history is incredible, but the views are awesome! Truly majestic. If you are tent camping, head on down to East Portal so you are right on the river, but if you are driving an RV. This is the place you want to be.

Not a lot of amenities, but you can get your rig parked easily and enjoy the views. One of the more incredible views you'll find in here.

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Meadows galore

The DeMotte Campground is the nearest organized campground to the North Rim, apart from the one inside the park. I think it's 16 miles from the front gate. It's open and lovely, set in a wide meadow. Nothing fancy, nothing exciting, but facilities available which is more than you will find in the dispersed camping of the Kaibab National Forest.

Across the road is the only gas/grocery in the area. Stock up before you get there, if you head out towards the main roads it could take hours across the back roads to get back to civilization. The space is quiet and peaceful, enjoy the North Rim of the Grand Canyon while you are there.

Make Reservations Early

The North Rim has gorgeous views, but it is small compared to the South Rim and camp spots fill up early. Make reservations as soon as you think that's where you want to stay, there are no opportunities to camp in the park except with a back country permit, other than in the campground. Laundry, showers, food and other lodging is not far from the camping area. This is a National Park, so take advantage of the history, the beauty and the education, you will be better for it.

Loved it!

The skies at night are big and bright….deep in the heart of Texas! This is a beautiful - completely off the beaten path - well lots of amenities campground. We were there over Memorial Weekend, expecting it to be crowded, it was not. They have 101 camping spots for RV's - plenty of room to spread out. Big spaces can accommodate any size rig. We were pleasantly surprised with the lounge and swimming area, well kept, clean, everything you could need. If you need groceries, bring them with you, there is a small local store that caters high end good products, but not a lot of them. One local restaurant, one local bar, all part of the resort - if you want to golf, horseback ride, hike, all is available. The nearest anything though is Terlingua (which isn't much.)
What is great about the park is that it is the best available camping near Big Bend National Park. Big Bend is huge and beautiful, lots of water, hot springs, 4 wheel drive trails - it's a park that has a lot of history too. Go there, and go to the Big Bend State Park too - lots of local color.

Green, Green Park

This is one of my favorite parks to stop in. They have a couple dozen spots, all long and easy to pull an RV in to. There is a dump station in the center of the park too, in case you are just passing by and need that. Be aware that half the spots in the summer time are taken up by the Habitat for Humanity crew - we think that's cool. Wi-fi is excellent, people are super friendly.
The park itself is surrounded by baseball fields, golf course, football stadium, rodeo grounds. All convenient in one location. - Grass is always green, check it out, right on the edge of town.

Remote - but beautiful

The Kaibab National Forest is a beautiful area; roads leading all directions, not all of them connect. We were pretty excited to camp under the stars. The skies here are BIG! So quiet, and peaceful. We were thrilled to find a camp spot in a small meadow with a pond that the wildlife used for water.

Some roads were rough, needing a four wheel drive; just our style; some are more than an hour from pavement,; again, exactly our style. It was fun to look, and then look again for just the right spot. This area is just north of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, so be sure to check that out. There is a lot to see here. If you are looking to camp on National Park property, get there early and make a reservation. We opted for primitive camping and were thrilled with it.

Beautiful Setting

We were thrilled to find this primitive camping area right by the river. There are fifteen spots, 7 of those have drive in access, the other 8 are a park and walk down a small embankment - but oh, what a setting - set in a grove of trees, it was beautiful. There are picnic tables, bathrooms and the roar of the river to sleep next too.

This campground is right at the edge of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, but because you take a steep, twisty ride down to the river, the elevation went from over 9000 to under 7000, a welcome change if you aren't acclimated to the altitude. We set up our OzTent on the upper level (the drive in section) and took a walk. The historical displays are well done, be sure to visit the Visitor Center at the National Park to get the rest of the story, and regardless of your age, pick up a Junior Ranger book and earn your badge.

We will definitely go back, just for the scenery.