Sharon S.

Crossville , TN

Joined August 2019


About the only good thing was the view. We had a tent site next to the lake. It was close to the pool so was very noisy. The bathroom near the pool is a unisex two stall very revealing so I often walked to the main bathroom up near the restaurant. Used the shower in the hot tun room was nice but very busy. The first night there was a bunch of girls in the pool and screaming at 4:30am which woke us up. The second morning at 7am the neighboring property was being weedeated. Most likely will not be back even though t is close to our home.

Very nice

It was a very nice campground. The weekend we were there, there was also large scout troops there so playground was very busy and loud. My son only got to go down the slide once. The layout was nice. Our site was nice and perfect for us. The fishing pond needs to be cleaned badly! We will be trying to go back again at some point.