Shariah T.
Salt Lake City, UT
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When I was asked if I wanted to go to Detroit lake, I thought we were going all the way to Michigan! But no this perfect little lake is a peaceful and fun filled getaway. Right in the heart of the Oregon state. Best used for swimming and enjoying friends company, it’s a bit of a drive but it’s so far out of the way, there’s no rush of the city anywhere. We will see you again Detroit Lake.

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Perfect views

The desolation trail is a steep hike that offers plenty of open space along the way to throw up a hammock or small tent to camp for a night or two. The top of the hike overlooks mill-creek canyon and views over the city. If you get too high in the trail tho, there’s not much shade to camp in. Not sure if there is a fire ban or not outside of the designated sites. The bottom of the lot does have a bathroom, other than that. Nature becomes your bathroom.

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Campground isn’t great, but it’s in the shade, usually a few degrees cooler than the hot salt lake valley. The sites are far away from each other to have some privacy and your own comfort. Each spot has parking which is nice, the bathrooms are a little far from some sites. There are also trail heads at the top of the area. Really nice for day use, and you can camp anywhere 1/4 mile of the road which opens up essentially the entire area

Out of the city! Still kinda in the city

Chain fence around the sites, pavement walk paths leading to each site. Not a great place to go unless you want easy access in and out. There are bathrooms here and a very dirty stream, however once the snow pack melts all away should be a little better. Only for day use

Hidden Gem

This place is a great picnic day use are. Each site has a grill, fire pit and tables. There’s even a bathroom around the sites. The group sites are huge, perfect for work parties or birthday parties, they can be reserved however the single sites can’t be. Just first come first serve. Some of the sites have a beautiful overlook of a side canyon where there’s a creek where you can hear the sound of the water. There’s plenty of parking spots around the sites and so many hiking trails leading out of the lot. Weekends it does get very busy so you have to get up there early.


One of the best places in the world. Hikes, driving, bison, elk. A place to camp, what else could campers want? We love the little drives that are less than 5 minutes away. We just slept in the car and parked in a visitor spot, but the campground is beautiful and very full. We were 3 months a little too late to get a spot. Make reservations! The drive we did is the loop that’s just around the corner and is absolutely beautiful.

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Mountain View’s one way, city views another

Not a real campsite, however wherever you want to set up a hammock or a tent for a night is the perfect place. And this by far is one of Salt Lake underrated gems. We hike here often, and finally decided to camp out. Far enough away from the city sound, but still close enough to go get breakfast down the hill.

Loved his one!

Just absolutely loved this one! Perfect amount of shade, and wasn’t crowded at all. Will definitely come again!

So hot. So fun.

Kayaking the Colorado River is always fun, might have almost died but still fun. We went during a hot week and boy was it hot. Hard to find shade other than the rock walls. Tons of fun tho. Lots of bugs

Best getaway for Idaho and Utah

Couple hours out of the big city and you’re camping in one of the best places west of the Mississippi. Of course, we do have a boat to go on which is most of the fun but there’s so many beaches and plenty of places to fish which adds to the fun.


We actually love this campground so much we went here for not just one but two senior trips. The big trees, fresh mountain air and awesome river make this one of the best campgrounds we have ever stayed at. We will be back, again and again. Plenty of sites for tents or RV’s. Rope swings and places to jump off just down the road. White pass hiking and sledding if there’s still snow. Always a great time.

Fishing hiking campfires

Playing in the cold streams around the camp and being able to fish not to far from our tent was great. Went there with a big group and were able to accommodate everyone. Very clean and kept up camp.

Hot sprangs

This hike has many camping spots on the second half of the trail right along the creek, some small some larger for group sites. To make it all worth the while, there’s a huge waterfall at the end of the 2 mile hike along with awesome natural hot springs!

Stress free

We went up pretty early in the season and it was a ton of fun! There was still snow on the ground and we got pretty cold sleeping on the ground, but we would do it again! Fished all night with a couple drinks, caught a couple and even cooked them right up at camp! Not sure what it looks like after all the snow melts, however it was an awesome experience.


Amazing views and just right off the freeway. The best part is you can just drive right up to the ridge and pick your own campsite. Very wooded so you don’t notice other campers. Sunsets and sunrises are the best here. 10/10 would recommend.

Love love love!!!

This place is a perfect family place. Plenty of trails to ride bikes on, takes you to the beach or just to explore. campground has plenty of shade and even a playground. Lots of activities to do about here, we love checking out the old shipwreck and checking out the museums.

A big ol honken moose boy

Wildlife 10 minutes away from the city. What could be better? We just slept in the car right outside the campground and went exploring on some hikes above the campground. We found another abandoned mine and just had a blast exploring the Wasatch mountains. I highly recommend this campground and plan on coming back for night getaways.


Middle of no where, perfect. No one really comes out here even thought there’s plenty of sites. The downside is finding a spot with some shade. We usually try and leave before sunrise and and get there around sunset spending most of the days hiking around the amazing places!!

Such a fun place!

Just driving through, we heard about this place and have to come back! Makes you feel like you’re back in the 80’s just having a good time, away from all the stress and worries of the city. Not to mention the super warm hot spring rubs. Even the little store they have there is so cute! We want to stay in one of the buses next time!

Perfect way to spend the day

Plenty of hikes and places to just go visit. We of course had to do angels landing. The campsites are really nice and kept up. However if you want to camp in the actual park you have to reserve your spot months in advance for peak season. To any one that asks, we recommend this place.