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Salt Lake City, UT

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Another Wasatch gem

Product review posted with day use review! The day use are is fun for lunch or picnic, we came here just for a hike and a bite too eat. Easy trails around with some harder ones if you want to explore. Very short drive up, and very worth it.

Product review: As a ranger for the Dyrt, we get to have test certain outdoor products. And this time while camping and hiking in the Wasatch mountain range, we were able to review we absolutely love this company now, for starters, we ordered 3 hats from them. Someone stole the package from our porch, or the delivery company misplaced it. Either way, banner and oak replaced it, we felt very taken care of when we had an immediate response. For starters the rockhopper trucker hat is authentic, it’s just not for us. I love the actual feel of the cloth as liner, but it really just fits my head weird. 3/5 on that one, solely for it not fitting right any almost 30$ for a trucker hat.. we hate to do it. Next we have the classic strap back trailhead hat. For 15$ it’s perfect, you can’t ask for too much with a flat bill strapback but it’s there to deliver. Comfortable fit, easy on the wallet. We’d buy it again. Now here is the most amazing hat you’ll wear. Ever wonder why those road bicycle guys never look too sweaty in their hats, but they just look geeky. Banner and oak found a way to fit in the very small window of comfortable and not geeky. It breathes amazing, it’s comfy, even the plastic in the back it’s made better, you can get it wet, it drys. It looks good. It’s my favorite hat now. Hike with it, walk with it, fly with it, bike with it, it’s the hat you need. For 29$ it’s the last hat you’ll want to buy. I’m talking about the scrambler. Get it.

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Short over nighters

We frequently come up here just to sleep outside some nights and head back home in the early morning to get food and shower. There is plenty of hikes but there’s only a few with views that are worth it. Down in the little canyon there is thick sturdy trees to hang up a hammock for a night. One of our friends said they had a cougar encounter but we haven’t seen much wildlife yet.

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Plenty of hikes and space

We camped down at a lower area just to make base camp, however all of this area is pretty similar so wherever you can find a decent spot to set up camp and there aren’t too many bugs. TAKE IT. I still think there’s bugs crawling on me at times.

Expect it

Nothing is really going to jump out at you here and really say that it’s amazing or breathtaking. The view during sunset are probably beautiful but we were here on a cloudy day so we didn’t see much of that beauty. The campsite for us was a little run down and it was very dirty, which was probably just the wind. Close drive to the park and going around is so many hikes.

We found a Joshua tree!

Hiking in here we were expecting to see a few Joshua trees but on the route we took we could only find one! However just up the road is the old road that takes you up through the Joshua tree park. We couldn’t find much shade so we ended up packing out early, and the bugs/ants were getting on our nerves. Not planning on coming back.


Every time we come here, we know exactly what to expect. Always clean, hasn’t been too crowded when we come and they allow most dogs. (Depending on the breed). Not too far from seaside where there’s plenty of fun to go and have.


We went up here to visit family and this place was packed, nice place to feel like you’re really at a resort with the pools, our little cousins made plenty of friends at the playground and pool. But the RVs were really close together and it’s hard to get any privacy. However off is CLEAN, we felt comfortable but we like our privacy when we camp and want to leave the city. However a great stop for a weekend getaway or someone passing through the back way to Moab. Either way it’s almost like staying in your own hotel.


Beautiful park, awesome animals. TERRIBLE FLIES. We had no idea there was little flies that could bite like a bee sting, but there was. And we couldn’t get away from them. This was a trip we left phones at home and just wanted to get away, but we flew over it on the way in. There’s so many trails here and we so many bison it was awesome to see, a mini Yellowstone with sub par “campgrounds” which made us feel like we were still in the city due to them having concrete and artificial sun shades which was necessary.


When I was asked if I wanted to go to Detroit lake, I thought we were going all the way to Michigan! But no this perfect little lake is a peaceful and fun filled getaway. Right in the heart of the Oregon state. Best used for swimming and enjoying friends company, it’s a bit of a drive but it’s so far out of the way, there’s no rush of the city anywhere. We will see you again Detroit Lake.

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Campground isn’t great, but it’s in the shade, usually a few degrees cooler than the hot salt lake valley. The sites are far away from each other to have some privacy and your own comfort. Each spot has parking which is nice, the bathrooms are a little far from some sites. There are also trail heads at the top of the area. Really nice for day use, and you can camp anywhere 1/4 mile of the road which opens up essentially the entire area

Out of the city! Still kinda in the city

Chain fence around the sites, pavement walk paths leading to each site. Not a great place to go unless you want easy access in and out. There are bathrooms here and a very dirty stream, however once the snow pack melts all away should be a little better. Only for day use

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Hidden Gem

This place is a great picnic day use are. Each site has a grill, fire pit and tables. There’s even a bathroom around the sites. The group sites are huge, perfect for work parties or birthday parties, they can be reserved however the single sites can’t be. Just first come first serve. Some of the sites have a beautiful overlook of a side canyon where there’s a creek where you can hear the sound of the water. There’s plenty of parking spots around the sites and so many hiking trails leading out of the lot. Weekends it does get very busy so you have to get up there early.


One of the best places in the world. Hikes, driving, bison, elk. A place to camp, what else could campers want? We love the little drives that are less than 5 minutes away. We just slept in the car and parked in a visitor spot, but the campground is beautiful and very full. We were 3 months a little too late to get a spot. Make reservations! The drive we did is the loop that’s just around the corner and is absolutely beautiful.

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Mountain View’s one way, city views another

Not a real campsite, however wherever you want to set up a hammock or a tent for a night is the perfect place. And this by far is one of Salt Lake underrated gems. We hike here often, and finally decided to camp out. Far enough away from the city sound, but still close enough to go get breakfast down the hill.

Loved his one!

Just absolutely loved this one! Perfect amount of shade, and wasn’t crowded at all. Will definitely come again!

So hot. So fun.

Kayaking the Colorado River is always fun, might have almost died but still fun. We went during a hot week and boy was it hot. Hard to find shade other than the rock walls. Tons of fun tho. Lots of bugs

Best getaway for Idaho and Utah

Couple hours out of the big city and you’re camping in one of the best places west of the Mississippi. Of course, we do have a boat to go on which is most of the fun but there’s so many beaches and plenty of places to fish which adds to the fun.


We actually love this campground so much we went here for not just one but two senior trips. The big trees, fresh mountain air and awesome river make this one of the best campgrounds we have ever stayed at. We will be back, again and again. Plenty of sites for tents or RV’s. Rope swings and places to jump off just down the road. White pass hiking and sledding if there’s still snow. Always a great time.

Fishing hiking campfires

Playing in the cold streams around the camp and being able to fish not to far from our tent was great. Went there with a big group and were able to accommodate everyone. Very clean and kept up camp.

Hot sprangs

This hike has many camping spots on the second half of the trail right along the creek, some small some larger for group sites. To make it all worth the while, there’s a huge waterfall at the end of the 2 mile hike along with awesome natural hot springs!