Seth N.

Davenport , IA

Joined March 2020

I grew up here

Once there was a time where almost every weekend from spring to fall I would camp here with my family. Scott County Park has been the standard from which I judge all other campgrounds.

When you come into the park you check in at the entry station. The people there always friendly and knowledgeable. This is also where you can purchase firewood if you want to.

For tent camping, I preferred Wilderness over Incahaias mainly because Wilderness feels much more private, as some of the individual sights towards the back are surrounded by bushes/trees. Wilderness is primitive and Incahaias has electric hookups.

By far though I spent most of my youth at the Pine Grove campsite. Electric service is 30 Amp and there is a dump station and potable water up front. My father had a 28' travel trailer and he never had a problem backing it into whatever spot we had. We played a lot on the playground there and rode our bikes wherever.

There is a trail head on the west of the campsite that we would always take to hike to Walnut Grove Pioneer Village.

Pioneer village if you've never been was the absolute bees knees as a kid to go to, especially since you can hike to get there! I loved climbing around in the train cars, eating icecream/candy canes, and watching the blacksmith work. Sometimes they'll have shootouts in the street which was always a blast pun intended! :) I would say kids older than maybe 10 might think the experience is kind of lame though.

Scott County Park also has a public pool as well. The last time i swam here i do not believe the pool was heated but now it is! They also did not have the big water slides.

The picnic shelters at Scott County Park are also great. I've been to them many times over the years for graduations, family reunions, birthday's etc.

I cannot speak about the golf course or the Bald Eagle site (For dedicated RV and travel trailer users) as I have never been to either, but both places seem fairly busy and Bald Eagle is open year round!

I haven't been here in a few years but I'll be back soon enough!